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Boating Accident Statistics in Michigan

Just like those who drive cars and other vehicles on the road, motorists must follow certain laws when operating a boat on a lake, river or ocean. When boat drivers or their passengers act out of negligence, recklessness of pure abandon for the law, a boating accident may occur and result in personal injury or even death. More than 200 boating accidents occur in Michigan each year, over 10% of which result in one or more fatalities.

The leading factor contributing to 17% of boating accident deaths is the consumption of alcohol while driving, according to the U.S. Coast Guard. If you or a loved one has been the victim of a boating collision, consult with a Farmington Hills personal injury lawyer right away. Whether injury occurred from an alcohol-related collision or other act of carelessness, you should not have to be held responsible for the flood of medical expenses, lost income or destruction of property.

Injuries Caused by Boat Accidents

Boating accidents do not have to involve two or more boats; a boat could collide with a rock, a swimmer, a surfer, or any number of other objects, and cause a crash. Catastrophic injury is very possible, from broken bones to traumatic brain injury. Even severe burns are possible should a fire break out on the boat because of the crash. Medical care for any serious injury is extremely expensive and should be covered by the insurance of the liable party. Make sure the responsible person is held accountable for their reckless behavior by calling the offices of Abrahams Law as soon as possible. You deserve the best representation you can find no matter how severe the aftermath of your accident may have been.

What Should be Your First Steps Following a Boat Accident?

It is important to stay in the area where the accident occurred, if at all possible. Waiting for law enforcement to come and survey the area could end up being extremely helpful to your personal injury case later down the road. Of course, you should attend to the needs of anyone injured and if serious damage has been done, leave immediately to get the appropriate medical attention. Always exchange all the names, phone numbers, and addresses of all the people involved in the accident as well. By having law officers at the scene of the collision, you can be sure that they will write up a detailed report indicating what happened.

The law requires these accidents to be reported if they occur:

  • Passengers or other individuals were injured
  • People are missing after the accident
  • Loss of life
  • Boat is damaged
  • Other property experienced damage

If you wish to pursue financial compensation for any physical harm or property damage, you must follow every step of the legal process in perfect form. The laws related to boating accidents can be extremely complicated, especially for incidents that occurred off the U.S. coast, as it can be considered international waters. Speak with a knowledgeable Farmington Hills boating accident lawyer from Abrahams Law to gain a better understanding of the specific laws related to your case.

Speak with a Boating Accident Lawyer

At Abrahams Law, you will find a personal injury attorney with nearly 30 years of experience handling personal injury and car accident cases. We provide each client with excellent communication and service, caring for them as they go through these difficult times in their lives and aggressively fighting on their behalf in court.

Contact a boating accident attorney from Abrahams Law to discuss your options and get started on the road to compensation.

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