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What NOT to Do After a Car Accident in the Detroit Metro Area

Tips to Protect Your Right to Full Compensation After an Accident

When you are in an accident and you report it to your insurance company, the first thing your company will want to do is record your statement. When you are insured, you agree to cooperate with the insurer and submit to a recorded statement as a condition of your ongoing coverage under the policy. But you are not under an obligation to give a recorded statement whenever the company asks you to. You have the right to schedule it at your convenience and wait until you are fully ready. Don't give a recorded statement to the insurance company before speaking with an attorney. Insurance companies strive to keep the amount of claims that must be paid as low as possible. The adjustors are trained to fashion their questions in such a way so as to elicit responses from you which can be used to devalue or even deny your claim. An experienced attorney will coach you on how to listen and understand the insurance company's questions, and how to answer their questions in the proper way so as to avoid this problem.

Protect Your Right to Compensation in an Accident

When at the scene of an accident you were involved in, even if you feel responsible, don't apologize. Although it sounds heartless or uncaring, it's not. Even though you may feel the right thing to do is to apologize if you believe you were at fault, the apology can and will be used against you at some later point in during the life of your claim.

As in any case, if you are questioned by police, don't offer extra information such as you were late for work and were in a rush before the accident happened. That can be used later to show that you were being reckless or careless. Only give the most basic of information. For example, if they ask where you were, state only that you were going to work. The added information of the fact that you were late is unnecessary and could create problems. Ideally, you should ask to have your Farmington Hills car accident attorney present for any questions other than the most basic of questions, such as your name, address and so on.

Do not be inconsistent when recounting the accident, whether speaking with your doctor, the EMT at the scene of the accident, the insurance company, or the police. Any inconsistencies will just be used to make you look untruthful, and may even result in an accusation of insurance fraud, which is a crime.

Never accept a settlement on the spot. Some companies, in an apparent effort to help speed up the claims process and help you get your money faster, are actually trying to clear the claim off their books while keeping a payout to a minimum. Never sign a release of claim until you have reviewed it with an attorney who fully understands the law as it relates to car accident claims. Some physical injuries do not manifest themselves until months after the accident. If you sign a release and accept the settlement, you may later find out that you settled your claim for $5,000, but face medical bills of ten or twenty times that amount after the injury surfaces. This is very common with neck and soft tissue injuries. Don't be in such a hurry to get cash from the insurance company. Speak with an experienced Farmington Hills car accident attorney first.

At Abrahams Law, we will help you avoid these common pitfalls. We will review your case and the circumstances of the accident and protect you from being tricked into a low settlement or having your claim denied. As our client, we will represent your interests with the highest standards of ethics, professionalism, and care in order to collect the maximum recovery for you.

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