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Types of Car Accidents in Michigan

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Every day in every state in the nation, car accidents are a common occurrence. While some are merely fender benders without any serious harm incurred, there are horrible collisions that happen on a regular basis that can create catastrophic injuries or even fatalities. In 2011, Michigan saw 473,501 motor vehicles involved in over 284,000 crashes throughout the state, according to the Michigan Department of Community Health. They have also reported that for persons aged 1 to 24 years old, roadway collisions are the leading cause of death. These horrific circumstances always have a root cause, and while some of them merely are accidental in nature, others are due to negligent behaviors on the part of drivers involved.

Whether those behind the wheel choose to speed, text and drive or drive drunk, they are ultimately putting others in harm's way. Sometimes drivers are not necessarily breaking the law, but they are completely distracted and unaware of their surroundings or others on the road. Whatever the case may be, the individual or persons at fault for a car accident should be held responsible for any damage they cause. In the event that you or someone you love has been injured in a car accident, do not hesitate to get the knowledgeable help of a Farmington Hills car accident attorney from Abrahams Law.

Common Motor Vehicle Incidents

The city of Detroit is bustling and full of activity, which draws people to it every year; however, with that, there are thousands of people at risk of car accidents throughout the streets.

There are various ways that a collision can occur and we have detailed some of the most common occurrences below:

Distracted Driving Incidents

Not only are people using their cellular phones on a daily basis, both in and out of their vehicles, people have gotten in the habit of eating, grooming and operating other handheld devices while driving. Despite the fact that cell-phone use is not banned in Michigan, it can still be extremely distracting and any other action such as changing the radio, talking with friends or other things that take the driver's attention away from the road can potentially be detrimental to others.

Drunk Driving Accidents

Any time that an individual gets behind the wheel with a high blood alcohol content level, they are not only putting their own lives at risk, but also the lives of other drivers and pedestrians. Alcohol can greatly influence the actions, coherency and mindset of the driver so that they are not aware of signals, other cars or lines on the street. Swerving and unpredictable, their cars are much more likely to collide into other vehicles, possibly causing catastrophic injuries or even death.

Head-on Collisions

When two vehicles collide head-on, the drivers and any passengers will most likely incur some type of injury. If the cars are traveling at high speeds and they hit each other dead on, it could cause their heads to hit the steering wheel, airbag or the car frame. Any one of these hits to the body could result in broken bones, abrasions or serious injuries such as traumatic brain injury and spinal cord damage.

Hit-and-Run Accidents

If two cars get in a crash, but either party flees the scene without exchanging information, they are breaking the law. Many drivers may know they are at fault for an accident and wish to run away from their responsibility of having to pay for damages. It is important that victims of this type of accident report it to the police and obtain the help of a knowledgeable lawyer.

Multi-Vehicle Accidents

Most motor vehicle collisions involve at least more than one other car, resulting in a multi-vehicle accident. This can include a fender bender between two automobiles or a major pileup on the highway depending on the circumstances. Typically the guilty driver was behaving in a careless manner such as speeding, texting or driving recklessly at the time of the accident. With the help of an injury attorney, victims of these accidents can often receive financial restitution.

Rear-End Collisions

Whether a driver's brakes fail, a distracted driver does not see that they need to stop or a speedy car is following too closely, rear-end accidents happen on a daily basis. They can cause lifelong injuries such as brain injury, soft tissue damage, fractures and concussions. Always seek out legal assistance if you have been a victim of this type of crash.

Side-Impact Crashes

Cars on the freeway are extremely susceptible to side-impact collisions, as there is often a good deal of lane changing and many drivers do not look before they get over. Other times, cars can T-bone other vehicles in intersections when one is turning. Many times a case can be proven that protects the rights of any individuals hurt if the actions of the vehicle at fault were illegal. Contact a competent lawyer if you are unsure.

SUV Rollovers

Sport Utility Vehicles are highly popular throughout the U.S., yet unfortunately, the way they are manufactured, many of them are somewhat top heavy. They can much more easily flip over due to the fact that they are taller and heavier. If another vehicle darts in front of them, they often cannot stop as quickly. Victims of SUV rollovers may be able to gain financial recovery from the vehicle manufacturer or another guilty party.

T-Bone Accidents

When you are broadsided by another car, this is known as a side impact, or T-bone crash. In most cases, driver's negligence is to blame, but car manufacturers and designers may be at fault for a defective vehicle that contributed to the collision as well. An experienced Farmington Hills car accident attorney can help you file a traffic accident and auto product liability claims.

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