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Today, we rush along our freeways and streets an average of 18,000 miles a year, confident that our tires are safe. Most of us know to check tread depth, but this is unfortunately not a reliable gauge of the condition of a particular tire, particularly a defective tire that is prone to a sudden blowout. If you have been injured in an automobile accident and you suspect that the cause was a faulty tire, it is imperative that immediate action is taken by a Farmington Hills car accident lawyer to preserve the evidence. Abrahams Law can manage every detail of a car accident case related to faulty or recalled tires. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that there are 11,000 tow-away accidents per year related to tire blow outs and other tire problems.

Ignored Tire Recall Causes Malfunctioning Tire Accidents

There are tire recalls issued frequently requiring dealers and manufacturers to pull the tires from their stock. This requirement may not have been complied, with allowing defective tires to be installed on vehicles owned by drivers who were unaware that they have purchased recalled tires. Older tires are more prone to catastrophic failure such as tread separation, which is the cause of a percentage of rollover accidents, particularly SUV rollovers. When a defective tire causes a serious injury accident, it is necessary to take legal action to establish the facts of the case and recover compensation for the injured from the tire manufacturer, distributor or other liable parties.

There are facts that must be proven to achieve a fair settlement, verdict or judgment in a tire malfunction injury case, and injured victims can benefit from our nearly 30 years of working within the court system in personal injury claims. We have obtained millions of dollars in settlements for clients and have earned the respect of the courts. The majority of our cases settle prior to trial. Initially, the preservation of the evidence is the crucial issue to manage. We have access to highly respected accident investigators to fully establish that the faulty tire contributed to the accident, whether a single car accident or a collision with one or more vehicles.

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