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In the 1970s, when American automotive companies were struggling to stay above water, they came up with the idea of putting the body of a passenger car on the frame of a lightweight truck. The result was the sports utility vehicle (SUV), which continues to be America's #1 source of income in the auto industry. However, a major problem arose along with the success of the SUV. Due to the combination of height and a narrow body, SUVs soon became known for rolling over, even at speeds as low as 20 mph. Injuries from such accidents can be severe, especially if a passenger is ejected; broken bones and spinal cord injuries are not uncommon in such cases.

Manufacturers of SUVs have since attempted to resolve this issue by building the vehicles wider and lower to the ground. The death rate from SUV rollovers has since dropped dramatically, but there are still those who drive older models who may be at risk of an SUV rollover accident. If you are an SUV owner and have been injured in a rollover crash, consult with a Farmington Hills car accident lawyer as soon as possible to determine whether or not you have a case. You may very well be able to hold vehicle manufacturer responsible for your injuries and medical care.

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By scheduling a free consultation with Abrahams Law, we could review your case and help you fight for coverage after being injured in an SUV rollover crash. As an AV® rated lawyer with nearly 30years of experience, our founder could provide the excellent and skilled representation you need in any car accident or personal injury case. You deserve a caring and compassionate Farmington Hills personal injury attorney, as well as a legal representative who will aggressively fight for the compensation you deserve. You need an attorney for your car accident case that is aggressive and relentless in negotiating for your rights. We have what it takes, so don't hesitate to call our firm at your earliest convenience.

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