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Many car accidents involve a single car or truck, such as run-off accidents or those involving pedestrians and cyclists. Those that result in an accident between more than one vehicle, however, results in a great deal of property damage and personal injury. Multi-vehicle accidents come in many forms, such as head-on collisions, side impact crashes, and rear-end accidents. Perhaps one or more of the other vehicles involved fled the scene before the authorities could arrive and you are a victim of a hit-and-run accident. Whatever the case, serious injury is very possible and you have every right to demand compensation.

When it comes to multi-vehicle accidents, car accident injuries vary. Some severe accidents may result in catastrophic injuries, such as broken bones, severe burns, traumatic brain injury or spinal cord injury. Medical treatment for such injuries can be astronomical and auto repairs or replacement can only add to the financial strain unless a victim hires a lawyer to help them recover an adequate amount of payment for the damages. If you are a victim of such a crash, get help today from a Detroit car accident attorney at Abrahams Law! Attorney Abrahams has been given the title of a Top Lawyer in Metro Detroit by DBusiness magazine for 2013. This is a high honor for someone of his position.

Causes of a Multi-Vehicle Accident

For the majority of car accidents that involve more than one vehicle, high traffic speeds, driver distraction, and poor visibility can be at the root of the collision. When drivers are traveling at a high speed and they experience a problem, it is very difficult for the people behind to brake fast enough to avoid crashing. As a result, the cars collide or they may skid into other lanes, which involves more vehicles and escalates the seriousness of the accident.

If a driver is distracted by using a cell-phone, or impaired from the use of drugs or alcohol, then it is easy for them to lose focus. This may then cause them to drift into another lane or oncoming traffic. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, over 3000 people were killed as a result of distracted drivers in 2010. Another common cause of multi-vehicle accidents is poor visibility due to bad weather conditions. Dense fog or heavy rain can severely reduce the driver's ability to see other cars or road hazards. If drivers are not especially careful in these conditions then they could easily cause a serious accident.

Who Was at Fault for the Collision?

When there are many cars involved in an accident, it can be difficult to determine who was at fault. Sometimes it was entirely the fault of one driver, but many times more than one driver was responsible in some way for the collision. Often the driver in the rear of the accident is at-fault because he or she rear-ended the car in front of them, which in turn may have propelled the cars into one another and caused a chain reaction.

In some states, however, the law of comparative fault is used to determine who should pay the damages. Comparative fault assigns a certain percentage of the blame to each driver, depending on their involvement. The police officers at the scene write down a report of the incident and then insurance adjusters determine fault through these reports, witness statements, and physical evidence. The insurance companies then try to settle with the victims for the amount of compensation that they think each deserves.

Insurance companies often try to settle quickly for the lowest payment possible in these types of accidents. A lot of the times, people agree to receive less than they deserve because the situation is so complex and difficult. If you have been injured in a multi-vehicle collision, don't get pushed around by the insurance companies. Hire a Farmington Hills car accident attorney from our firm who knows insurance companies and can defend you against them. You shouldn't have to add to your emotional and physical burden by having to pay for everything yourself. Abrahams Law will fight for the maximum compensation possible.

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