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Common Causes of Car Accidents in Oakland County & The Detroit Metro Area

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Unfortunately, motor vehicle collisions are one of the primary causes of injuries across America. Victims of these accidents suffer serious damage and they sometimes even result in death. Those who have experienced any type of physical or emotional harm from a car crash should immediately contact a personal injury lawyer from Abrahams Law. As a highly qualified Farmington Hills car accident attorney, our founder focuses especially on the victims in horrific vehicular collisions, taking on all types of these cases.

Typical Reasons for Collisions

While there are a multitude of accident causes, here are the four most common:

  • Driver Behavior: This is the leading cause of collisions, attributing to nearly 95% of motor vehicle accidents. Many drivers are subject to distracted driving, which could involve cell-phone use, eating, talking to a passenger, changing the radio, or driving while tired. Almost all motorists admit to the dangerous behavior of speeding, which greatly increases the risk of an accident. Even going as little as 5mph above the speed limit in some areas is unsafe. Other driver behaviors that can cause accident include aggressiveness, driving under the influence, ignoring traffic signs and signals, and unsafe lane changes.
  • Equipment Malfunction: While manufacturers are supposed to produce cars that meet a safety standard set out by the government, equipment often malfunctions. One type of equipment includes tires, which can wear out easily if they are not regularly maintained. Cars that experience tire failure at high speeds are especially vulnerable to serious accidents. Brakes are another piece of motor equipment that can give out or lock up. In addition, seatbelts and airbags can malfunction. While these are supposed to keep passengers safe, their failure to work properly may cause catastrophic injury.
  • Poor Roadway Design: While roads are hypothetically designed to protect the utmost safety of a driver, circumstances can sometimes make them unsafe. First off, bad weather like snow and rain may create hazardous surfaces or decreased visibility, causing a wreck. In addition, traffic lights or other traffic control devices may not work properly, causing confusion for drivers. Traffic may also be a factor in causing an accident, especially in places of intense congestion.
  • Lack of Roadway Maintenance: Roads that are not properly taken care of can produce huge dangers for the public. Debris that is left on the road can cause obstruction, especially during a time of low visibility. Road signs that are faded, or obscured by plant growth or a new obstacle may play a part in an accident because a driver is not sufficiently warned of a hazard. Potholes may also contribute to a crash if it caused a tire or suspension failure. Other factors may be road construction or failure to salt or sand roads that are icy.

A Farmington Hills car accident attorney at Abrahams Law can help you determine the cause of your accident, whether it was someone else's reckless behavior, a product liability issue, or a lack of care to the road. Contact our injury firm in Farmington Hills today to learn about what we can do to protect your rights as you seek compensation.

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