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Any car accident that is worse than a "fender bender" will likely result in personal injury of some kind. The nature and severity of these injuries depends on the kind of accident in which the victim was involved. For example, a head-on accident at high speeds will likely result in more severe physical harm than a rear-end collision on a residential street. The more severe the accident, the more severe the injury involved.

Common Types of Car Accident Injuries in Farmington Hills

While victims can incur less serious injuries like minor bruises, minor fractures, and slight concussions, they might be gravely hurt. The following are a few of the more serious injuries:

  • Whiplash: During an accident, the head and neck are often snapped back and forth which creates strain in the muscle of the neck. Victims may experience neck pain, headaches, increased fatigue, blurry vision, dizziness, and other effects.
  • Traumatic Brain Injuries: The impact of a car crash often jolts the head to the point that the brain could be detached from the skull, or the skull could shatter. A person might experience headaches, cranial bleeding, skull fractures, and axonal injury which affect cognitive, behavioral, and physical functions. Rehabilitation is often needed for brain injuries so that patients can regain skills that were lost.
  • Broken Bones: If too much force is put on a bone, then it could break or fracture. These may require multiple procedures or even reconstructive surgery. Victims may not be able to use their limbs for an extended period of time, or may lose the use of it permanently, depending on the seriousness of the fracture.
  • Back Injuries: In an accident, the back can often get torqued which leads to disc injury, sprains, fractures, and spine injury that aren't often noticed initially. The spine can also get compressed when a car accident victim gets ejected from their seat or experiences vertical shock.
  • Spinal Cord Injuries: The spinal cord is one of the most important nerves in the body because it is the source of information transmission. If it is injured in any way, then the victim could experience loss of motor functions, pain, and even permanent paralysis.
  • Burn Injuries: If a car catches on fire, then the occupants are in danger of incurring burns. Burns may range from first-degree, which are the least serious and only superficial, to fourth degree, which penetrates to the muscle.
  • Internal Injuries: Blunt force trauma can cause internal hemorrhaging and permanent damage, such as organ damage, which could cause the organ to shut down. Colliding with the steering wheel or other objects can cause broken ribs, and even a rib to puncture a lung. These and other internal injuries may not be readily apparent, which is why it is vital that you consult a doctor about your condition after an accident. Headaches and soreness can point to underlying injuries.
  • Seat belt injuries: Shoulder and lap restraints can cause or contribute to whiplash injuries, as well as broken ribs and damaged spinal cords. If you have labored breathing, pain in your abdomen, or a stiff neck, you could be suffering from internal injuries caused by a seatbelt.

These injuries can require expensive medical care that is not optional, resulting in medical bills that are unaffordable for the victim. No matter what, if an injured individual was not responsible for the accident that caused their injury, he or she has every right to hire a competent Farmington Hills car accident lawyer and obtain adequate coverage for their injuries and property damage.

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