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How Much is My Motorcycle Accident Injury Claim Worth?

It is no secret that motorcyclists are exposed to numerous dangers that drivers of cars and trucks are not. Even with this additional risk, thousands of motorcycle riders take to the roadways every day. Further, just because someone is a rider or a passenger on a motorcycle does not mean that they have given up their legal rights in the event of an accident and should not recieve damages.

What affects my claim?

There are two major considerations when a motorcycle accident results in injury: liability and damages. Liability, or determining who is at fault for the accident, must be determined. Once that has been figured out, the damages, injuries, and other losses that occurred in connection with the crash must be calculated. It is how these two interplay with one another that determines the total value of the case.

Say, for example, that a motorcycle rider was not at fault for the accident and they suffered broken bones, which caused them to be out of work for a few months. Since liability can be pinned on another person, their motorcycle claim is likely to be worth more. Conversely, if the motorcyclist is shown to be equally at fault as the other driver and they suffered minimal injuries, then the accident claim may be worth less.

There are two ways to value the damages in an accident claim:

  • Past, present, and future calculable financial losses
  • Pain and suffering that does not have a specific financial value

Working with an attorney can generally determine what a reasonable expectation for compensation would be. Whether the claim is handled through a settlement or through a trial and litigation will also impact the awarded amount. If a rider handles their claim through a settlement, it will likely be lower than the trial amount, but a settlement means that they are guaranteed this money.

There are many considerations that go into valuing the total worth of a motorcycle accident claim. From proving liability to the outcome of the case, different factors can result in varying outcomes.

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident and are seeking compensation for your injuries, consult with a Detroit accident attorney at Abrahams Law to learn how much your case may be worth.