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Drunk Driver Arrested After Striking Three Elderly Pedestrians

Drunk and distracted drivers are amongst the most dangerous drivers on the road today. Their driving is erratic and their actions are unpredictable, and the damage they are capable of causing can be truly devastating. Such was the case when 21-year-old Andrea Gutierrez of Clarkston, Michigan, was driving east along Brookside Lane in Washington Township, around 7-o'clock in the morning, when she hit three elderly pedestrians.

According to police reports Ms. Gutierrez claimed the bright morning sunlight had made it hard for her to see the road in front of her. She told police that when she hit the three pedestrians, a 61-year-old man, his 59-year-old wife, and another 77-year-old man, she actually believed she had hit a several trash cans. It was only when she stopped her vehicle to find out what she had hit, that she found she had hit three people. All three pedestrians sustained serious injuries and were transported to local hospitals for treatment. Officers made the determination that Gutierrez had been driving drunk, so placed her under arrest and had her vehicle impounded. When she was given a breathalyzer test before booking, her blood alcohol concentration (BAC) registered .12 percent , a full .04 above the legal limit. She has since been charged with a second offense: operating while intoxicated (OUI) and two counts of OUI causing serious injury.

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