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Five Teens Die in Tragic Car Accident

In a devastating crash in Newport Beach, California five teenagers lost their lives. This Memorial Day accident went up in a fiery rage, preventing any of these victims from making it out alive. Police reports say that there were three girls and two boys in the car at the time of the incident as students from Irvine High School were enjoying their holiday off from school. At this point they are assuming the victims are from the local high school, though reports have not yet come in to verify this as a fact yet do to the severity of the burns on their bodies.

Newport Police claim that it was a single car accident and they were heading southbound on the highway when the car crashed into the center divider of the road. After hitting the divider, it then crashed into a tree, ripping the car apart and immediately causing it to burst into flames. Kathy Lowe, the spokesperson for the police department, this accident is the worst in recent memory of the town.

Reports show that the original complaint was about a two car accident, possibly involving pedestrians. However, when they arrived at the scene there was only one car, in two pieces. Four of the five passengers had been ejected from the scene, which is why witnesses originally believed them to be pedestrians who were hit from the crash.

At this point in time, investigators are completely uncertain as to what the cause of the accident could have been. Causes of single car accidents can greatly vary and the fault can rest with either the driver or perhaps the car itself. For example, if the driver was distracted behind the wheel or under the influence, their negligence could have led to the crash. Another possible cause is a defective auto part, such as brake failure or unintended acceleration which leaves the driver powerless to control the vehicle.

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