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Man Who Killed N.Y. Couple and Baby Charged with Homicide

The hit and run suspect who killed the N.Y. couple that was on their way to the hospital in early March of this year, was formally charged with three felony counts of vehicular homicide. The man had allegedly sped through an intersection at over 60 mph, only to crash into a taxi that was carrying a pregnant woman and her young husband. Instead of stopping, he left the scene of the accident. Police caught him around 80 miles away in the town of Bethlehem. The man and the woman were killed on impact, while their child, who was delivered by an emergency C-section, died soon after birth.

The New York State Supreme Court has suspended his license and held him without bail. The D.A. has not said why he chose to charge him with homicide instead of manslaughter; however, suspects that are charged with homicide for an accidental death usually have committed an act of gross negligence. The excessive speeding and hit and run may have elevated this crime to homicide.

During his court appearance, the man told the judge he had not graduated from high school and still lived with his mother in Brookyn, N.Y. According to police, he has already served almost 10 years in prison for another manslaughter conviction. It is negligent and careless actions such as this that can end in horrific consequences for other innocent people involved.

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