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Expectant Parents Killed En Route to Hospital

Around midnight on March 3, 2013 two parents were on their way to the hospital to have their first baby, when their cab was suddenly hit by a speeding driver. Both parents were killed at the scene, but their baby was rescued by caesarean section, weighing only four pounds at birth. After being in critical condition, the baby boy was pronounced dead today from "extreme prematurity due to maternal blunt force injuries" (Detroit News). The cab driver also went to the hospital, but ended up being released with minor injuries.

The cab was crossing an intersection when a BMW rammed into it at speeds of more than 60mph. The engine ended up in the backseat, where the mother was sitting before she was ejected into a parked tractor trailer. The father was trapped in the car, and had to be cut out by emergency workers. Both died of blunt-force trauma, according to medical examiners.

Both parents were Hasidic Jews, and their community is now demanding justice for the three. The spokesman for the Jewish community denounced the driver as a coward for failing to check on the condition of the people inside the other car. Police have recently identified a suspect, who also had a DUI arrest last month. He is expected to face charges of hit and run, as well as three counts of manslaughter.

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