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Detroit Man At Fault for Fatal Crash

Earlier today, a Detroit retiree was given 10 months in jail for causing a car accident that killed a young man. Though offender, R.H., had never even had a traffic violation, he was nonetheless penalized for hitting the other car at more than 80 mph while it was stopped at a red light. R.H. claims that he was having a diabetic attack at the time of the accident; however, he did have .04% blood alcohol content. To be charged with drunk driving in Michigan, one's blood alcohol content has to be above .08%

During the hearing, R.H. spoke to the victim's family and apologized for the accident, saying that the accident wasn't intentional and he was a good person. The father of the victim expressed anger and regret on behalf of the family, saying that it had changed the lives of their family forever. He also communicated that he could not forgive R.H.

The judge who was assigned the case was especially attentive to the victim's twin brother, who was driving the car at the time of the accident. She encouraged him not to blame himself for what happened, because it wasn't his fault. The two were on their way to the movies when they were hit, but weren't at-fault for any part of the accident.

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