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Fatal Crash in Detroit Claims 3 Lives

On January 31, 2012, at least 30 cars were involved in a massive car accident on the I-75 outside Detroit. A sudden blast of snow, called a whiteout, greatly decreased the visibility of the drivers, and caused multiple crashes. Drivers report being instantly blinded by the snow, then hearing loud booms from crashes all around them.

Many victims were bleeding and limping as they got out of their cars, some even having to be pulled out of their cars because they were trapped inside. At least 30 people are reported to be injured and still more were left stranded as traffic was stopped for miles. Worst of all, one man and two children were killed in the huge accident. According to Fox News, the two young children were siblings from Canada. Bot of their parents and 10 year-old sister are still in critical condition at a nearby hospital.

After the accident, ambulances from all over Detroit responded, transporting victims to various hospitals with the help of the Fire and Police Departments. For about 7 hours, countless tow trucks, maintenance workers, and street cleaners cleared the streets. Due to the accident, traffic was backed up for hundreds of cars, with police slowly directing freeway traffic onto side streets and around the accident.

Police have determined the cause of the accident to be the snow storm and the slippery conditions, a common cause of these massive crashes. Since the weather was warm the day before, police say that drivers were driving too closely together in the bad conditions. If you have been a victim of this multi-vehicle collision, or any other car accident, then you should call a Detroit car accident attorney from Abrahams Law so we can help you recover damages for your personal injury. My firm has recovered millions for clients over my 20 years of practice and we want to do the same for you! Fill out a free case evaluation form to begin.