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Auto Injury Attorney - Know Your Auto Insurance Policy in 2011, Especially For UM/UIM

Every day as a top personal injury lawyer, it is common to represent Michigan residents who have sustained serious personal injury in a car accident. Should an incident occur, it is routine that both drivers will exit their car and exchange personal and insurance information. However, what should motorists do if struck by a driver that does not have auto insurance?

As the new year is now fully underway, the time is now for motorists to review their auto insurance policies, particularly the availability and amount of uninsured (UM) and underinsured (UIM) coverage one receives. While many motorists are lacking insurance, many more have lacking insurance plans that are unable to provide the necessarily coverage, should that driver become involved in an accident.

The State of Michigan has a No-Fault car insurance policy, which requires all motorists to carry auto insurance that will cover all reasonable expenses for sustained injuries and up to three years of lost wages. Sometimes, it is even possible to sue an at-fault motorist for other costs, such as excessive medical bills, as well as pain and suffering.

At a minimum, motorists are required to have $20,000 in liability coverage for injury or death to one person, and $40,000 or more for injuring or killing multiple people. Additionally, drivers must have at least $10,000 in liability coverage that will account for any property damage.

Often times, the auto insurance companies that offer UM/UIM coverage, do so in the same amounts. However, it becomes a problem when the at-fault motorist either does not meet the minimum insurance requirements, or in uninsured. If the driver carries no liability coverage, the injured motorist would have to turn to their own UM insurance policy to recover compensation for damages. Should the at-fault driver have the minimum liability coverage ($20,000), the injured driver will still have to cover the rest of their damages with their own policy.

To protect yourself and your family, it is a good idea to review your family’s auto insurance policy immediately. Purchasing UM/UIM coverage from your insurer that is above the minimum requirements of 20/40 can make a huge difference in an emergency car accident. It usually costs only a few extra dollars to raise significantly your policy’s coverage, but can prove beneficial should an incident with an uninsured or underinsured motorist occur.

Because insurance policies can be complex, it is easy for Michigan driver’s to become confused while choosing the appropriate policy. Additionally, in the case of an accident where one sustains severe personal injury or death, even more questions will be raised. For answers, as well as the best legal advice and explanation, it is essential to contact a hard-working and experienced Michigan injury attorney for help. Doing so immediately will ensure superior legal representation for your case, helping you receive the compensation needed for your personal injury claim. Do not hesitate to receive all the benefits you deserve!