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MI Truck Accident - Two People Injured After Truck Crash in St. Clair County

Due to the enormous size of 18-wheeler trucks, they are a force to be reckoned with on the highway. If any motor vehicle, including other trucks, is involved in a crash with such a large automobile, significant personal injury or death will almost certainly result. Because Michigan has an expansive highway system on which many truck drivers commute through, it is not uncommon for an experienced Detroit personal injury lawyer to see these cases often. Examples of cases handled resemble a recent incident after a garbage hauler and country truck collided, resulting in the personal injury of two people.

A large-sized garbage truck was traveling along I-69 in the morning hours of April 29th, when it crashed into the back of a commission truck from St. Clair County. The impact of the Michigan truck accident threw the county-owned vehicle on to the shoulder, while the garbage hauler flipped into the median and instantly bursting into flames. Immediately afterward, emergency services and law enforcement officials were dispatched to the scene. Both drivers were transported to local hospitals for unidentified personal injuries sustained in the incident.

Reports show that this is the second Michigan truck crash occurring in the last month involving a St. Clair County Commission truck. The data shows that not only are these collisions possible, but they can have devastating consequences. Additionally, a string of accidents on record with garbage haulers recently also attributes to the danger of colliding any vehicle with an over-sized truck–such a situation never ends positively.

As seen by the above truck accident, the extremely large size of these vehicles instantly increases the chances of someone sustaining great personal injury in an emergency. Because the consequences can be so severe, it is essential to take the first step in making sure compensation for injuries are received. Contacting a hard-working and trustworthy Detroit truck accident lawyer cannot only provide the highest quality legal advice and legal representation, but also ensure the best outcome for your personal injury claim.