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MI Car Accident - SUV Rollover Crash Kills 2 Teens, Wounds 4 in Detroit Collision

Being involved in a highway car accident is a traumatic and difficult experience for anyone to go through. Unfortunately however, teenagers are more likely to sustain personal injury or die in these incidents, as they are the most inexperienced drivers on the road. Each day as an aggressive Detroit personal injury lawyer, many adolescents are helped after being in a car accident caused by a variety of reasons, ranging from distracted driving to drunk driving. Similar circumstances are seen in a recent case involving new drivers, where a sport utility vehicle crashed into a pole and overturned, killing two teens and hurting four other people.

According to reports from law enforcement officials, an unidentified motorist driving a Chevy Trailblazer SUV on the southwest side of Detroit on May 5th. The driver lost control of the vehicle after trying to speed around another car, causing the SUV to crash head-on into a light pole and flip over. Although witnesses and bystanders attempted to assist the victims of the Michigan car accident, downed power lines prevent their efforts from making a significant impact on the situation.

Immediately following the collision, emergency medical services and police officers were called to the scene. Although resuscitation techniques were performed, two 15 year-old female Southwest High School students died as a result of impact. Three others, two of which are Southwest High School students as well, sustained personal injury in the incident, and were taken to local hospitals for medical treatment. The fourth victim left the scene following the accident and was taken later to an unspecified hospital for examination by doctors.

At this time, the cause of the tragic Michigan car crash is unknown. However, law enforcement officials are expect to conduct a full investigation to determine any influential factors in this case. All too often, inexperienced drivers are involved in crashes because they drive while distracted, or under the influence of alcohol. Both dangerous behaviors greatly increase the likelihood of an accident occurring, putting the driver and passengers at great risk. If hurt in a highway accident, many questions almost certainly linger for the victim and their family. For answer, as well as the best legal advice, it is essential to contact a hard-working and experienced Detroit car accident lawyer for assistance. Acting quickly can not only ensure superior legal representation for your personal injury claim, but help you retrieve much-needed compensation for injuries sustained.