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Michigan Personal Injury - Michigan Car Accident Decreasing in Macomb County

The legal career of an experienced Detroit personal injury lawyer revolves around representing individuals who have sustained severe personal injury or died in an accident, particularly car accidents. Therefore, it is important to update the public on any new information that could be of use to them in terms of public safety while on roadways. Although the State of Michigan has been characterized by dwindling numbers in the past few years, including tax revenues, salaries and wages, and property values, one decreasing number has been for the better–Macomb County saw a decrease in the number of car accidents in 2009.

Data reported by the Traffic Safety Association of Macomb County showed that in 2009, vehicular accidents throughout the county dropped by 8.6 percent, compared to 2008. According to the executive director of the TSAMC, Gail Peterson, the most recent decrease in Macomb County car accidents follows a 4.4 percent drop from the previous year. She attributed to the falling crash numbers to a number of factors, including ongoing and strict enforcement of traffic laws, numerous education campaigns for driving safety, and less motorists on the road because of the economy.

Fortunately, more drivers and passengers are walking away from car accidents alive. In 2009, the number of fatal car accidents in Macomb County dropped by 20.5 percent, while the amount decreased 18.6 percent in 2008–there were 31 recorded deadly auto collisions last year, compared to 39 the previous year. Additionally, Macomb County car accidents resulting in personal injury fell 10.7 percent. Receiving the recognition for the best safety data are the municipalities of Armada, Eastpointe, Fraser, Memphis, New Baltimore, New Haven, Richmond, Romeo, and Utica, who had recorded no fatal car accidents last year.

Being involved in a car accident is a traumatic and stressful experience, that can result in severe personal injury or death. These incidents can be caused by a number of factors, including driving while distracted by cell phones and text messaging, or driving while under the influence of alcohol. By eliminating cell phone use in the car, designating a sober driver, and wearing a seatbelt, the chances of a car accident occurring can be greatly reduced. If injured in an accident however, it is vital to contact a hard-working Detroit car accident lawyer for the best legal advice and legal representation. Doing so immediately can help ensure the most successful outcome for your personal injury claim.