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MI Underage Drinking - Criminal Charges for Four Following WMU's St. Patrick's Day Bash

Practicing law near several college and university campuses, it is common for a Michigan lawyer to represent a number of people who have been accused of “college crimes,” namely underage drinking. As reported in a recent post, a massive St. Patrick’s Day party occurred on Western Michigan University’s campus. Law enforcement officials were dispatched to the scene to control the bash, which exceeded over 1,o00 participants. After failing to calm the party, Kalamazoo Public Safety officers called in reinforcement, requiring twenty-five officers to disband the event. On that day, seven individuals were arrested on ten separate criminal charges, ranging from underage drinking to resisting arrest.

As of March 18th, four men including two WMU students, have been charged in connection to the massive party. Logan Pickett, 18, and Kenneth Ashcroft, 19, both received Michigan underage drinking charges, as well as resisting arrest and obstructing police officers. The two students charged, Andrew Corwin, 21, and Ryan Fournier, 23, were both charged with misdemeanors of resisting arrest and disorderly conduct. It is uncertain at this time whether Corwin and Fournier will face academic disciplinary action as a result of these criminal charges.

Because the party grew to such a massive size this year, Kalamazoo Public Safety intends on increasing police surveillance next year to ensure that a similar incident does not occur. Even though underage drinking is a common occurence on college campuses, it is still illegal and dangerous. Alcohol poisoning, as well as drinking and driving, particularly during celebrations such as St. Patrick’s Day, can cause severe personal injury or death. As a concerned Michigan attorney who represents students accused of “college crimes”, it is important to remind all young adults to make wise decisions when socializing at school. Doing so can help keep you safe in the event of an accident. If charged with any college crime, it is essential to contact hard-working legal counsel for the best legal advice and legal representation.