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MI Safety Matters - New Phone Application Blocks Texting While Driving

Making sure that each person on the roadways stays safe is a top concern for a hard-working Detroit personal injury lawyer. As technology increases, more and more car accidents are occurring because people are not paying complete attention to the road. Common distractions in the car include cell phones, text messaging, email, or even changing radio stations. Unfortunately, those who are at greatest risk for a car accident due to distracted driving are teenagers who are the most inexperienced and most likely to divert their attention from the roadway. Even though texting while driving is not just a teenage problem, AAA reports that adolescent drivers take their eyes off the road up to four hundred percent more often than an adult with greater driving experience. And since forty-six percent of Michigan teenagers admit to texting while driving, it is clear that many young drivers are operating a vehicle distracted. To combat this problem, new cell phone applications have been developed that prohibit certain tasks while the car is in motion.

The new cell phone application is called Textecution, developed to prevent drivers from becoming distracted while behind the wheel, ultimately causing car accidents. Since being released, an increasing amount of parents are downloading it onto their teen’s phones as a matter of precaution and safety. Using global positioning technology, the speed the car is going is tracked by the application. If a driver attempts to send a text message while driving faster than ten-mile per hour, or attempts to use the web browser, a text box will pop-up on the screen saying, “You are moving too fast to use this application.” The only time Textecution allows the sending of text messages is when at a red light because the car is no longer in motion. If a message is received while Textecution is in service, the phone will ring as it would normally. However, the driver will not be able to open the text message.

The always-on cell phone application is currently only available for the Droid phones and is available for free until the end of March. After that time, it will cost forty dollars to download the application. However, AAA employee Michele Harris believes that it is worth it. “I live in a safety culture so I try hard to make sure my daughter does everything she can to be safe and the software is a good idea,” she explained. Fortunately for parents without the Droid phone, the application is currently being developed for other mobile devices as well and should be available for download shortly.

Driving while distracted by cell phones and text messaging does not only greatly increase the likelihood of a car accident occurring, it also increases the chances that persons involved will sustain severe personal injury as a result. However, this new cell phone application is becoming a popular means of combating the heavily controversial topic of “texting while driving.” Being injured in an accident can be scary and overwhelming, leaving you with several unanswered questions. For explanations, as well as the best legal advice and legal representation, it is vital to contact an experienced and hard-working Detroit personal injury attorney. Doing so immediately can help ensure the best outcome for your car accident claim.