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MI Drunk Driving - Memorial Vigil Honors Roseville Teens in Fatal MI Drunk Driving Crash

Throughout the career of a hard-working Detroit personal injury lawyer, it is common to represent a number of individuals who have sustained severe personal injury or died as a result of a drunk driving accident. These are perhaps some of the most tragic accidents, as they are easily preventable by designating a sober driver. Those who survive and are left behind often take a combative stance against the drunk driving, with the intent of raising awareness for its dangers. In a recent example, following the case four Roseville teenagers who were killed as the result of a drunk driver, a friend of the victims started a youth organization that promotes sober driving.

Exactly one year ago, Devin Spurlock, 19, Erica Haudek, 15, Stephanie Currie, 16, and Jordan Michalack, 16, were in a car on their way to dinner. However, en route to the restaurant, their vehicle was struck by a car driven by Mount Clemens resident, Francis Dingle, 48. As a result of the Michigan drunk driving accident, all four teens were killed. Dingle was arrested by law enforcement officials, and is currently facing four counts of driving while intoxicated, as well as second-degree murder charges. Her case is scheduled to go to trial this month.

A classmate of the victims, Ashly Lowry, was determined to not only make sure that her friends were remembered, but that similar drunk driving accidents do not occur again. This prompted her to found the Michigan Teens Against Drunk Driving organization, which was created to mobilize teenagers for the cause. “The day after the accident, I wanted to do something to help remember my friends. And my stepdad said I could come up with an organization for teens to maybe get the message out better than MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving),” she explained. To honor her friends, a candlelight vigil will be held tonight from 6:00-8:15 p.m. at Macomb Mall. “If they want to come out and help support me… they’re more than welcome to come out. The more support we get, the better turnout it will be.”

The consequences of drunk driving accidents are devastating, and carry life-changing consequences for all involved. Unfortunately, drunk driving crashes usually result in severe personal injury or death, leaving survivors and those left behind with a multitude of questions. For answers, as well as the best legal advice and legal representation, is essential to contact an experienced and trustworthy Detroit drunk driving lawyer immediately. Doing so can help ensure the most successful outcome for your personal injury claim.