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MI Drunk Driving - DUI Survivor Shares Her Story With Students to Raise Awareness

Throughout the career of an experienced Detroit personal injury lawyer, it is common to represent a number of people who have sustained severe personal injury in a car accident. Some of the most tragic are drunk driving accidents, as they are preventable by designating a sober driver. The consequences of these incidents are life-altering, and no one knows that better than Sarah Panzau. Over six years ago, she survived a gruesome auto collision when she was driving while intoxicated.

Panzau, then twenty-one years-old, was working as a bartender and often drank throughout her shifts. One night after work, she decided to drive home even though her blood alcohol level was over four times the legal limit. She lost control of her vehicle and was ejected out the back window. Panzau’s head was “slammed and dragged against a guard rail at sixty miles per hour.” She survived the ordeal, but as a result of the Michigan drunk driving accident, she lost most of her left arm as well as many physical and mental scars.

Although the experience was horrifying, Panzau has made it her mission to educate high school students throughout the country on what can happen to them if they drive drunk. She makes the potential consequences very clear by wearing a tank top and shorts, allowing students to see the physical reminders of her accident. Panzau advises students not only to designate a sober driver, but to associate with friends who will help them make positive choices. “I was one of those ‘never happen to me’ girls. I want to show what happens to people who make poor choices.”

As seen by the example of Sarah Panzau, drunk driving accidents can result in severe personal injury. Because the consequences of these incidents are life-changing, an injured person will undoubtedly be left with many questions regarding their case. For answers, as well as the best legal advice and legal representation, it is essential to contact a hard-working and trustworthy Detroit drunk driving lawyerimmediately. Doing so can help ensure the most successful outcome for your personal injury claim.