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MI Car Safety - Report Points to Auto Crash "Hot Spots" in Southwest MichiganMI Car Safety - Report Points to Auto Crash "Hot Spots" in Southwest Michigan

A primary concern of a Detroit personal injury lawyer, is helping motorists go to and from their destinations safely. Because each day clients are represented who have sustained severe personal injury or died as the result of a car accident, it is important to highlight dangerous areas to motorists so that they may exercise extra caution while driving through them. A recent report by the Kalamazoo Gazette revealed that motorists on the two-lane, twenty-two mile stretch of U.S. 131 in St. Joesph County are more likely to get into car accidents than drivers traveling in heavier traffic north of the county.

The Gazette complied crash statistics over one hundred and twenty miles of I-94 and U.S. 131 throughout four separate counties. (Kalamazoo, Allegan, Van Buren, St. Joesph) One of the main reasons that manyMichigan car accidents occur on this roadway is because it does not have on-ramps that allow motorists to increase their speed before merging with general traffic. Instead, the cars are forced to get onto the highway at intersections, or other hazardous crossroads. Additionally, this stretch of road is largely traveled by commercial trucks, and often lacks a median. According to Jim Campbell, a crash reconstructionist with the Michigan State Police, “It’s not a true freeway… the lack of on-ramps and median and only two lanes means a lot more crashes, a lot more serious crashes.”

Examination of over 10,000 car accidents between 2004 and 2008 revealed that nearly one of six Michigan car accidents happen within one eleven mile segment, near the I-94/U.S. 131 interchange. Additionally, this same stretch of road is the location of one in five car crash fatalities. On those two highways, a total of forty-two people were killed in vehicle crashes–more than half occurred on the roadway through in Kalamazoo County. During the winter months, road conditions are even worse causing more auto crashes. Roads in Kalamazoo County in particular have been known to become very slick during snowstorms, making it difficult for any motorist on the road.

Recommended by the Michigan State Police, the following locations have been designated as “accident hot spots” that have been known to produce difficult and hazardous driving conditions:

  • The two-lane stretch at U.S. 131 and D Avenue, as many motorists travel at high speeds.
  • Difficult exit and merging lanes, along with a high volume of traffic make U.S. 131 and Stadium Drive in Oshtemo Township a dangerous driving location.
  • I-94, between exits 70 and 67, as heavy on and off-auto traffic makes merging onto the highway difficult and congested.
  • I-94 heading westbound between exits 88 and 85, near Comstock Township, as drivers in this area have been known to drive at excessive speeds.
  • Heavy rush-hour traffic and a short acceleration period to merge on the freeway make I-94 heading eastbound in Portage a dangerous driving roadway.

Regardless of the accident site, the Kalamazoo Gazette also mentioned that the most serious Michigan car accidents occur due to either negligent driving or to the influence of alcohol or drugs. As a Detroit personal injury attorney, motorists are encouraged to not only be aware of these “accident hot spots”, but also to appoint a sober driver to make sure that every person on the roadway travels safely. If you or a loved one have sustained personal injury in a car accident, it is important to get answers to the many questions an injured person will undoubtedly have regarding their case. Contacting legal counsel immediately can not only provide the best legal advice and legal representation, but also help ensure the most successful outcome for your auto accident claim.