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MI Car Accident - Children Injured After Vehicle Crashes Into School

During the legal career of a Detroit personal injury lawyer, it is common to represent a number of individuals who have sustained severe personal injury or died as the result of a car accident. Often times, auto crashes occur because the driver of the vehicle is not paying the utmost attention to what they are doing, or driving while distracted. Such an example occurred today when a Franklin school teacher accidentally drove her Jeep Cherokee into her schoolroom window, resulting in the personal injury of four preschool children.

This morning at approximately 8:40 a.m., the preschool teacher left her classroom to move her vehicle, that was parked in the teacher’s parking lot. According to Franklin Chief of Police Patrick Browne, she accidentally pushed her foot on the accelerator, and not the brake, causing her vehicle to shoot forward into her classroom window. As a result of this Michigan car accident, glass and debris went flying into the classroom, straight at the preschool students. Four total children were taken to the hospital to be treated for minor personal injury, including lacerations, bruises, and potentially a few broken bones. Fortunately, a parent in the building at the time was a doctor, and greatly helped during the emergency.

Extremely distraught after the Michigan car accident, the preschool teacher left her vehicle hanging halfway in the classroom and was sent home to recover emotionally and psychologically. Additionally, Principal Azra Ali maintains that the school is prepared to discuss the psychological effects of the traumatic car accident on the preschool students. “We’re going to provide counseling to the children on Wednesday,” he commented.

Suffering personal injury as a result of a car accident is a scary and traumatic process for anyone to go through regardless of age. As seen by the aforementioned example, even the most minor mistake can result in a physically and psychologically harmful incident, affecting the driver, passengers, and bystanders alike. If you or a loved one have sustained personal injury in a Michigan car accident, it is important to get answers to all the questions you undoubtedly have. For the best legal advice and legal representation, contact a hard-working and trustworthy Detroit personal injury attorney today.