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MI Accident - After Severe Burn Accident, Family Questions Workplace Safety Standards

As an experienced Detroit personal injury lawyer, employee safety issues in the workplace are a main concern. It is the responsibility of the employer to enforce the necessary measures to keep all worker’s from harm. When the utmost safety regulations and standards are not maintained, severe personal injury or death can result. Such is the case of a Michigan man who sustained extensive burns in a work-place accident that occurred on March 12th, 2010.

Just before noon, an explosion occurred at Superior Asphalt in Grand Rapids. As a result of the blast, Bill Zetty, 34, received medical attention from the Blodgett Hospital for second and third degree burns, covering the majority of his upper body. He is in critical condition, and was placed in a medical coma because his burns were incredibly painful. As the injury extends to both arms, his chest, and his face, it is unsure at this time whether he will need skin grafts, and to what degree. Although the details leading up to the Michigan workplace accident are yet to be determined, Jeff Kresnak, the company owner, stated that Zetty was lighting a torch lead that morning, and did not notice that gas was leaking into the hot box. Kresnak maintains that no safety measures were violated, and that this is the first accident the company has had in twenty-seven years.

However, Zetty’s family place the blame upon Superior Asphalt for neglecting to take the necessary safety measures to prevent accidents from occurring. His family attests that he often worked as many as thirty straight hours mixing asphalt, as well as other tasks. Zetty was often required to work night hours alone, and was often called upon to fill in for others. His sister, Penny Nagelhout, explained to media sources that “He could have been tired out of his mind and something could have happened. Employers need to make sure employees are working the proper number of hours, are working safely. It’s the employer’s responsibility.”

As seen by the example of Bill Zetty, it is possible for over-worked individuals to sustain severe personal injury if their employer is not consciously maintaining safety standards. As a hard-working Detroit personal injury attorney, wishes of a speedy recovery are extended to Bill and the rest of the Zetty family. Additionally, while no personal injury claims have been filed at this time, it is important that they seek answers from trustworthy legal counsel as soon as possible. Doing so can not only ensure the best legal advice and legal representation, but can also help provide the most successful outcome for the case.