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Catastrophic Injury - Traumatic Brain Injury Treatment Tested in Multi-Hospital Study

Numerous times throughout the legal career of a hard-working Detroit personal injury lawyer, it is common to represent a number of individuals who have sustained catastrophic injury as the result of an accident. Traumatic brain injuries are life-changing for both the injured individual and their family, as the injuries are generally irreversible. However, a study has been recently launched by a number of hospitals in an effort to find working treatments for catastrophic injuries.

In spring 2010, seventeen hospitals nationwide will begin testing progesterone as a possible treatment for traumatic brain injuries. Under emergency conditions, the Food and Drug Administration has guidelines in place that allow doctors in the hospital to perform experimental treatments on patients without getting prior consent. The various institutions, including the University of Michigan, will test the difference in results when progesterone is used versus a placebo in traumatic brain injury patients.

A number of Detroit hospitals are participating in the study as well, including: the Henry Ford Hospital, the Detroit Receiving Hospital, Sinai Grace Hospital, and Beaumont Hospital. Any patients who seek medical treatment from one of the hospitals within four hours of sustaining a mild to severe traumatic brain injury is eligible to participate in the study. Afterall, the ultimate goal is to figure out whether progesterone can help alleviate the consequences of catastrophic injuries, and prevent an injured person from becoming disabled or dying. Scientists remain hopeful for successful results, as previous studies showed that progesterone has worked in animal models.

If the drug is effective, it may become the official treatment for reducing the severe and long-term effects that are associated with traumatic brain injury. Regardless of the severity of the catastrophic injury, the consequences can be devastating and leave an injured person with several questions. For answers, as well as the best legal advice and legal representation, it is essential to contact an experienced and aggressive Detroit personal injury attorney immediately.