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Safety Matters - Fourth of July Brings Fun, But Also an Increase in Safety Concerns

Although the Fourth of July is an exciting holiday involving family, food, and fun, it also can pose serious safety threats. An experienced Detroit personal injury lawyer has seen it all: warm temperatures and a day-off from work encourage increased alcohol consumption and careless behavior, making enjoyable activities such as water sports, driving, or igniting fireworks increasingly dangerous. The results of an accident on a special holiday could be devastating, causing significant personal injury or death.

As the recovering economy has provided the opportunity for more Michigan tourists this summer, the number of people out and about this Fourth of July is expected to increase a great deal. To protect yourself and your family this holiday season, be sure to keep the following safety tips in mind to prevent Michigan recreational accidents from occurring:

  • Supervise children at all times while sparklers are in use, as it is possible to cause severe burns to the extremities. Emergency room doctors interviewed by The Detroit Free Press stated that most firework injuries could be prevented if younger users were supervised by a sober and responsible adult.
  • Keep an eye on kids while swimming and diving in any body of water. Even better, make sure there is a trained lifeguard on duty. The more eyes on the kids in the water, the better.
  • Be honest about your child’s swimming abilities–if your child is an inexperienced swimmer, make sure that he or she is wearing an approved flotation device for their safety.
  • While driving or riding in any type of boat, it is important to have an approved life jacket for each person on board. Otherwise, boaters are subject to drowning.
  • If you are an adult boating or participating in any water-related activity, refrain from use of alcohol or drugs. Emergency situations in the water is not uncommon, and being intoxicated will greatly reduce a person’s ability to reach safety.
  • Under the same tune, driving a motor vehicle while intoxicated by alcohol or drugs is not only risky, it’s downright dangerous. An increased number of people on the roads will increase the chances of Michigan drunk driving accidents occurring.

Keeping these simple, but important safety tips in mind can help prevent disaster this Fourth of July. Failure to refrain from immense alcohol use or supervise young children can have horrendous consequences, including severe personal injury or death. If an accident does occur over the holiday weekend, the victim and their family will instantly be left with numerous questions regarding their options. For answers as well as tactical legal representation, it is essential to contact a hard-working and assertive Detroit personal injury attorney immediately. Acting quickly can help make sure you receive the compensation you deserve for the medical and personal losses sustained in your accident.