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MI Pedestrian Accident - Woman in Wheelchair Injured By Motorist With Suspended License

In the spring and summer, many Michigan residents take advantage of the nice weather and choose to travel by foot to their destination. Although this is both economically smart and green-friendly, an increase in pedestrians on busy streets creates a much higher risk of an accident occurring, resulting in serious personal injury or death. An experienced Detroit personal injury lawyer can attest however, that those most likely to be hurt in such incidents are those that tend to be smaller in size (and therefore harder to see), such as children, senior citizens, or as seen in a recent case, the handicapped.

In the morning hours of June 1st, Emma Plair, 67, was heading to a doctors appointment in her motorized scooter, which she uses to get around. As she was attempting to cross Eastern Avenue in Grand Rapids, a white Mazda with a Illinois license plate slammed into her. As a result of the Michigan pedestrian accident, Plair sustained a broken leg and head injuries.

The driver of the Mazda, 31 year-old Jerry Pettaway Jr., fled the scene almost immediately after hitting Plair. However, he turned himself in to law enforcement officials later that evening. Although he stated in court today that he never meant to hurt Plair, and that the crash was an accident, the Kent County Prosecutor’s Office is charging him with two felonies including failing to stop at the scene of a serious accident and driving with a suspended license, causing injury. According to records from the Secretary of State, these are just the newest additions to an already extensive criminal history, including drug-related charges, assault, trespassing, and failure to pay child support.

As seen by the example of Emma Plair, even when crossing the street at designated crosswalks, a pedestrian accident can occur that results in serious personal injury or death. The situation is always made substantially worse however, when the at-fault motorist leaves the scene and does not take responsibility for his or her actions. Following a crash, a victim and their family will undoubtedly have several questions regarding their options. For answers, as well as the best legal advice and legal representation, it is essential to contact a hard-working and experienced Detroit pedestrian accident lawyer immediately. Acting quickly can help ensure that you receive the most positive outcome for your personal injury claim.