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Wrongful Death - $10.5M Settlement Over Teen's Death at Correctional Facility

Practicing law in a metropolitan area, a Detroit personal injury lawyer is likely to handle many wrongful death lawsuits. Examples of cases handled are much like the incident where a teenager died in a juvenile detention center after two guards allegedly used an improper chokehold on the young man.

At the time of the 2007 wrongful death accident, Omega “Manny” Leach was enrolled in the Chad Youth Enhancement Center after he violated his probation from a previous auto theft by testing positive for marijuana. However, since the age of eleven, Leach had been in and out of numerous mental health facilities. Two guards, Randall Rae and Milton Francis, pinned the teenager to the ground and held him in a choke hold–in clear view of a security camera. A nurse who arrived on the scene noticed that Leach was not breathing and did not have a pulse.

This is not the first shady incident at Chad Youth Enhancement Center. The juvenile facility has a repeated history of “excessively and injuriously restraining its residents, failing to comply with state reporting requirements for injured residents, and improperly screening, training, and disciplining its employees.” In fact, complaints of abuse and wrongful death have become so numerous that several states have refused to send their delinquents there.

When determining a settlement, the most powerful piece of evidence was the video tape that showed the boy being choked by the two guards. In the end, Chad Youth Enhancement Services Inc. alone paid the entire $10.5 million settlement to the family of Omega Leach.

Wrongful death incidents such as these are devastating because they are completely preventable. The consequences however, are life changing for the families of the victims. If you have lost a loved one as the result of a wrongful death accident, it is vital to contact a hard-working and experienced Detroit personal injury attorney for the best legal advice and representation possible.