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Plane Accident - In 2009, Air Crashes Were Low, But Fatalities Were High

During the legal career of an experienced Detroit personal injury lawyer, it is common to represent a variety of clients who have sustained personal injury or died as the result of an accident. While helping individuals who have been injured in plane crashes is more rare, it certainly does happen. In 2009, there was an overall decrease in the amount of plane accidents by comparison to the previous year. However, a higher number of people died in those accidents even though there were fewer total crashes.

According to a study performed by the International Air Transport Association, the number of deaths from plane accidents was 502 in 2008. One year later, that number increased greatly, rising to 685 deaths byplane crash. On the bright side, this number is still significantly smaller than the most recent peak in airplane crash fatalities–in 2005, 1,035 people died as the result of plane accidents. At the same time, the number of plane crashes have statistically decreased–the number of deadly accidents dropped to 18 from 23 in 2008. Statistically, the major accident rate for 2009 was the second lowest ever: 0.7 airplane accidents per million flights.

The plane accident rate has decreased by fifty percent since the early 1990s, according to safety experts. Increased technologies providing better warning systems that allow pilots to land safety and avoid other planes while in the air have helped decreased the number of crashes. Previously, pilots who accidentally flew their plane into the ground was the biggest cause of airplane crash. However, this type of accident has been virtually eliminated thanks to the updated warning systems. Another replacement was changing the cockpit gauges to computer screens that are easier for pilots to read and will give them quicker, and more up-to-date information in case of an emergency. Unfortunately, over the last half of the past decade, further safety innovations have yet to be implemented.

The consequences of a plane accident will be life changing, as the likelihood of surviving the crash is minimal. If you have lost a loved one in a plane accident, you undoubtedly will have a multitude of questions regarding your options and case. Most respectable personal injury firms offer free consultations to provide answers to initial questions before filing a personal injury claim. Seeking experienced legal advice and legal representation from a hard-working Detroit personal injury attorney can help ensure the best outcome possible for your personal injury suit.