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Personal Injury Matters - Rule Changes Possible to NFL to Prevent Concussions Among Players

During the legal career of an experienced Detroit personal injury lawyer, it is common to represent a number of people who have sustained catastrophic injuries while participating in a recreational activity or sport. Because professional athletes are constantly putting their bodies at risk while working, their chances of suffering from a traumatic brain injury or catastrophic injury increases dramatically. As a result, the National Football League is considering implementing new rules that would attempt to safeguard players from sustaining long-lasting personal injury as a result of reoccurring head traumas.

Leaders from the NFL and the players union are looking at every aspect of the game to see where changes can be made after a Congressional hearing in October made clear the severity of concussions sustained by players. They are trying to combat personal injuries to protect players from developing a memory-related disease later in life. Some possible solutions: shortening team’s offseason practices and placing limits on hitting permitted between training camp and the regular season. Other potential rule changes include a ban on helmet-to-helmet hits on the ball carrier and roster exemptions for reoccurring concussions.

According to a medical doctor for the NFL, Thom Mayer, these measures “could be aimed at curbing the rate and severity of concussions suffered by players in place by next season.” He is hopeful that such changes could produce a reduction of concussion injuries among players to drop anywhere from twenty to twenty-five percent.

Catastrophic injuries, such as reoccurring concussions can have devastating and irreversible long-term consequences. For answers to all of the questions an injured person would undoubtedly have regarding their injuries, it is essential to contact a hard-working and trustworthy Detroit personal injury attorney. Doing so can ensure that you receive the best legal advice, securing the most positive outcome for your case possible.