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MI DUI Accident - Tenth Drunk Driving Bust for Warren Man

Throughout the career of an experienced Detroit personal injury attorney, it is likely to help a number of people who have sustained severe personal injury or died as a result of a drunk driving accident. After the first DUI bust, the drunk driver generally gets the picture–driving while intoxicated is very dangerous for everyone on the road. However, some people are missing the message, as made clear by the Warren, Michigan man who was recently arrested for his tenth drunk driving charge.

Chad G. Kumaus received his first driving while intoxicated charge in 1986, and since has been arrested nine times. The most recent incident occurred last Tuesday evening when Kumaus went to the home of his ex-girlfriend. However, when she did not want to see him, Kumaus refused to leave the home. As he drove around the block for a moment, his ex-girlfriend called 911 emergency services to report the domestic disturbance. When Kumaus returned to the house, police officers were arriving on the scene. Law enforcement officials were able to tell that he was “obviously intoxicated,” as he was slurring his words and unable to stand straight. When a breathalyzer test was administered, the results showed that Kumaus had a blood alcohol content of 0.21%, double the Michigan legal limit. Police officers immediately arrested him for drunk driving.

As this is his tenth offense, the charges and penalties against Kumaus are numerous. He has been arraigned on charges of felony drunk driving as well as driving on a suspended license. Although he has been able to post the $25,000 bail, Kumaus is required to wear a global positioning system at all times to monitor his alcohol use.

Drunk driving can have devastating consequences, resulting in severe personal injury or death for passengers and drivers involved. Because of the dangerous nature of driving while intoxicated, it is essential to designate a sober driver to ensure that all intoxicated passengers arrive home safely. Sustaining personal injury in a drunk driving accident can leave victims with many questions regarding their case. For answers to all of your questions, as well as the best legal representation, it is vital to contact a hard-working and aggressive Detroit personal injury attorney immediately.