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MI Driving Law - Senate Approves Texting While Driving Ban

Practicing law in a metropolitan area, a Detroit personal injury lawyer is likely to represent a number of clients who have sustained personal injury as the result of a car accident. Often times these accidents are caused when drivers are not paying attention to the road, or distracted by things the while in the car, like a cell phone. To date, nineteen states including Washington DC and Guam have banned texting on driving and Michigan looks to be the twentieth.

Last Tuesday, the Michigan State Senate approved legislation that would make texting while driving or even reading a text while driving illegal. Even though there are no formal statistics documenting how many car accidents are caused by drivers distracted by texting, every day the media reports on new auto crashes that occurred because of a texting driver. Therefore, many safety experts and drivers maintain that it’s a hazardous habit. Texting while operating a vehicle causes a driver to pay attention to the conversation and not the road–ultimately increasing the likelihood of an accident.

According to the State Department of Transportation, drivers under the age of twenty were the most common offenders of texting while driving. Because younger drivers are the most inexperienced, any distractions will dramatically increase their chances for causing or being involved in a car accident.

If the legislation that the Senate recently passed becomes law, texting while driving would carry a $200 fine for the first offense. It could also be a secondary offense if a driver was pulled over for something in addition to texting or using a cell phone while driving. Before it can become law in Michigan, the House of Representatives and Governor Jennifer Granholm will have to agree on a final version.

Many drivers and safety organizations are pushing for a ban in all fifty states. Unfortunately, safety experts state that even if the practice becomes illegal nationwide, most people will still do it regardless of the risks involved. Being injured in a car accident by a distracted driver can have devastating and irreversible consequences. For answers to all of the questions an injured person will likely have, it is essential to contact a hard-working and aggressive Detroit personal injury attorney. Doing so can make sure that the best legal advice and representation is brought forth for the case.