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Catastrophic Injury - Rising Athletic Traumatic Brain Injuries in Cheerleading

A Detroit personal injury lawyer is likely to see many examples of catastrophic injury stemming from an athletic sport over the course of their legal career. When people think of traumatic brain injuries caused by sports, they would generally immediately refer to hockey or football-”rough” athletic events with plenty of potential for personal injury. However, in recent years, the number of catastrophic injuries coming from cheerleading has risen dramatically.

According to a survey conducted regarding injuries in American sports, more than half of female catastrophic injury in high school or college occurred while cheerleading or stunting. Many women cited musclo-skeletal injuries as well as neurological injuries as well as concussions and spinal injuries.

Before sending your child to participate in the growing sport of cheerleading, it is important to do your homework. Make sure that the gym itself is properly equipped with preventative measures to prevent these catastrophic injuries or traumatic brain injuries. The cheerleaders should be tumbling on a spring floor, and supervised at all times by credentialed and certified coaches. From the time that they are very little, cheerleaders are trained on every important detail in order to prevent personal injury as they rise to higher levels of difficulty. The cheerleader should also be healthy and ready to participate–a physical exam is generally required to participate, just like any other sport. Parents should investigate these things before enrolling their child in a cheerleading program, as doing so will prevent injury, as well as save time and money.

Catastrophic injury sustained from athletics can be severe, and completely life changing. An injured person will undoubtedly have several questions regarding the case and what can be done to help. A hard-working Detroit personal injury attorney will be able to provide the legal advice and legal representation necessary to have the most successful outcome for your case. Don’t hesitate—contact an experienced personal injury lawyer immediately.