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Car Accident - Charged Driver of Fatal Car Accident Had 40 Previous Tickets

Practicing law in a metropolitan area, it is common for a Detroit personal injury lawyer to represent clients who have sustained severe personal injury or died as the result of car accidents. It is often common that those who cause the accident are not new to run-ins with law enforcement officials regarding traffic violations. Such is the case in the death of a car accident that resulted in critical personal injuries of a woman, and the death of her six year-old niece.

Last Tuesday evening, Jada Washington and her aunt, Tiuette Richardson were on their way home from the local grocery store buying candy. As the two crossed the street, a car crashed into them. Emergency medical services transported the two women to the local hospital. Richardson has been listed in serious condition by Wednesday morning, while her niece was pronounced dead Tuesday evening. When law enforcement officials interacted with the driver of the vehicle, Eddie Lumpkin, 48, they immediately had reason to believe that he was intoxicated and had been speeding at the time of the car accident. Additionally, he did not have insurance nor a driver’s license.

Because of his involvement in the fatal accident, Lumpkin has been cited with a number of violations including: lack of insurance, failure to reduce speed, lack of driver’s license, negligent driving, and driving while intoxicated. It is possible that he could be accused of more criminal charges, but nothing has been announced at this time. Although this may sound like a great number of criminal charges, Lumpkin is no stranger to moving traffic violations. Since 1987, he has received over forty tickets and has been stopped by law enforcement officials over twenty-six times. His poor driving record may influence the severity of the sentence Lumpkin receives as a result of the car accident death of little Jada Washington.

Personal injury sustained as a result of car accidents can have devastating and often irreversible consequences. As seen by the case of Jada Washington, often the person who causes a severe car accident due to negligence is not new to traffic violations. It is important to hold those responsible for you and your loved one’s injuries accountable for their actions and how it has negatively affected your life. An injured individual will likely have a number of questions regarding the best possible options for the case. Contacting an experienced and hard-working Detroit personal injury attorney for a free consultation today can help ensure the best outcome for your personal injury suit. Getting the best legal advice and legal representation can make all the difference in the court room–do not hesitate to seek counsel today.