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MI Recreational Accident - Michigan Man Killed in Snowmobile Accident, Highlighting the Importance of Safety and Training

Living in a state that receivesa lot of snow, Michigan residents love to engage in exciting recreational activities that can only take place during the winter. Many enjoy going down the slopes on skis or a snowboard, or zooming around wooded areas on a snowmobile or all-terrain vehicle. However, one does not need to be a top personal injury lawyer to know that these activities can turn from fun to dangerous almost instantly. A lack of proper training, distractions while driving, and the influence of alcohol can all lead to devastating consequences while participating in winter recreational activities, including serious personal injury or death.

A tragic example was seen over the past weekend, where 23 year-old Fenton resident, Matthew Corey, was killed in a snowmobile accident in Northern Michigan. According to news reports, Corey was operating a friend’s snowmobile when he lost control of the vehicle while attempting to cut a sharp corner and crashed into a wooden driveway post. Although law enforcement officials are continuing the investigation, alcohol is believed to have played a role, and Corey was not wearing a helmet at the time of the accident. It is likely that these two factors greatly contributed to the outcome of this terrible accident.

While Corey’s skill level was not specified, it is important that all snowmobile users are informed of basic operating procedures and follow safety tips intended to keep themselves and others safe. As a dedicated Michigan injury attorney, here are the most important safety rules for all Michigan residents to keep in mind this winter.

  • It is important that all snowmobile riders know their terrain, and that they have permission to be there. Riding on closed trails is not only dangerous, but trespassing–always stay on marked trails.
  • Avoid all waterways. A snowmobile is not a boat, and will sink if ice breaks, taking the riders along with it.
  • Maintain a safe speed at all times, traveling slower in urban areas then in rural areas and when ice is present. Even when not concerning speed, it is important that all snowmobile users obey all the rules of the trail.
  • It is essential to wear the appropriate gear for snowmobiling, specifically a safety helmet. Regardless of one’s experience on a snowmobile, weather and trail conditions can change almost instantly, so it is important to be protected. Carry a fully-charged cellular phone, and always let someone know your route in case of an emergency.
  • Never combine alcohol or drugs with operating any sort of motor vehicle, whether it is a snowmobile or a car. In addition to creating a hazardous situation for yourself as well as others around you, one could even be arrested for driving a snowmobile intoxicated–particularly if it causes personal injury or death to others.

Although these safety tips are simple, each is important and can work to prevent devastating and deadly accidents, such as the one involving Matthew Corey. However, even the most careful people can still become entrenched terrible accidents, resulting in serious personal injury or death. In such a case, the victim and their family will undoubtedly have several questions regarding their options. The first step is to contact the best personal injury attorney available. Doing so quickly can ensure that you or your loved one receives superior legal advice and legal representation, guaranteeing the compensation deserved for personal and physical losses incurred.