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Safety Matters - Recreational Safety Tips to Remember for ATV Riders

As the legal career of a hard-working Detroit personal injury lawyer revolves around representing those who have sustained severe personal injury or died in an accident, it is important to update the public on important safety tips that could potentially affect them. The changing seasons and warming temperatures serve as encouragement for people to engage in recreational activities that are both fun and enjoyable, particularly riding all terrain vehicles in rural Michigan areas. However, if not very careful, these exciting activities can become dangerous quickly.

Last year alone, thousands of people sustained injury in ATV recreational accidents, and over four hundred people lost their lives. Before any rider gets on an all terrain vehicle, it is vital to know safety rules that can prevent a tragic accident and severe personal injury from occurring:

  • While riding an ATV, it is important to watch your speed. Excessive speeding, especially on unfamiliar terrain can cause a rider to lose control of their vehicle suddenly, throwing them off and causing injury.
  • Pay attention for other riders, pedestrians, cars, and bicyclists as the ATVs can tip over easily if struck–the wheels are closer together an on ATV than a car, making it less stable if an accident happens.
  • All participants should remember to always wear protective safety gear while riding, as they have been proven to save lives and lessen the blows sustained in crashes.
  • Before hopping on an ATV, both inexperienced and experienced riders should consider taking a safety course to update them not only on the latest vehicle technology, but to serve as a reminder of safety matters and tips.

Following these simple, but important safety tips can help keep all participants riding all terrain vehicles this spring and summer safe. Failure to pay attention to ones surroundings or to wear a helmet can have permanent and life-changing consequences resulting in serious personal injury or death. If injured in a recreational accident, a victim and their family will certainly have numerous questions regarding their case. For answers, as well as the highest quality legal advice and legal representation, it is vital to contact an experienced and trustworthy Detroit recreational lawyer for assistance. Doing so immediately can help ensure the most positive outcome for your personal injury claim.