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MI Recreational Accident - Traverse Bay Canoeing Accident Kills Two

As the temperatures finally warm up throughout the state, more Michigan residents are spending their time outside, participating in beloved pastimes or recreational activities. Although these hobbies are meant to be fun and enjoyable, if one is not careful, serious accidents can occur resulting in personal injury or death. An experienced Detroit personal injury lawyer almost certainly sees a rise in Michigan recreational accidents as the seasons change. Cases handled resemble one seen in recent news, where two Michigan men lost their lives in an unfortunate canoeing accident in Northern Michigan.

On April 25th, Petoskey residents Nicholas Lightfoot, 28, and Nathaniel Denay, 27,a told family members that they were going canoeing at a local park and that they were going to try a new sail that one man purchased. After being missing for a number hours, many local emergency rescue teams started a search for the men. Around midnight, crews found each man’s vehicle. Shortly afterwards, Lightfoot and Denay were found. Even though medical teams at the scene attempted to revive them, both men died as a result of the Michigan recreational accident.

According to John Calabrese, the Petoskey Department of Public Safety Director, said that both men were wearing wetsuits and life jackets at the time of the accident. He also said the investigation is ongoing and that not much else is known at this point regarding the cause of the fatal Michigan canoeing accident. However, detectives acknowledge that the water was likely very frigid despite the warmer air. Additionally, the weather buoy is still out of the water from the winter, and so the men would not have known the true temperature of the water until submerged for an extended period of time. Both may have played factors in the death of Lightfoot and Denay.

Although recreational activities are exciting and relaxing, if one is not extremely careful, serious accidents can occur. As seen by the example of Nicholas Lightfoot and Nathaniel Denay, serious personal injury or death can happen in an emergency. It is essential that all boaters wear life-jackets and review the weather reports before getting on the water. This can help prevent disaster in an accident. If injured however, the victim and their family will almost certainly have several questions regarding their case. For answers, as well as the highest quality legal advice and legal representation, it is essential to retain a hard-working Detroit recreational accident lawyer immediately. Acting quickly can help ensure the most positive outcome for your personal injury claim.