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MI Recreational Accident - ATV Accident Claims Life of 22 Year-Old Michigan Woman

As the Michigan weather gets warmer, and spring is fully underway, it is likely for many people to take part in the many exciting recreational activities this great state has to offer. Many lakes and rural territory make boating or off-roading are common hobbies that several residents enjoy. While these are generally regarded as fun activities, if not completely careful, there is great opportunity for an accident to occur. Having an extensive career as a Detroit personal injury lawyer, I’ve witnessed cases of personal injury stemming from a recreational accidents all the time, much like a recent case where a 22 year-old Michigan woman died after flipping her all terrain vehicle.

Michigan resident Aura Dacin, 22, was training hard to become a certified helicopter pilot for an extended period. To meet her goal, she was taking flying classes from Steve Lawrence, who runs Heliflight of Michigan, a training school located at the Oakland-Troy Airport. However, a Michigan recreational accident that killed Dacin occurred on the ground, not in flight. At approximately 1:00 a.m. on April 11th, both instructor and student decided to take a joy ride on two all terrain vehicles used to tow aircrafts. However, their fun was short-lived after Dacin struck a raised fuel pad and thrown from her ATV. After her head struck the concrete, her vehicle fell on top of her. According to medical examiners, she sustained severe head trauma before being pronounced dead at the hospital.

Investigations have been able to uncover some possible causes of this tragic Michigan ATV accident. First, law enforcement officials have reason to believe that both Dacin and Lawrence were drinking at the time of the accident. Getting behind the wheel of any motorized vehicle is incredibly dangerous and greatly increases the chances of an emergency situation occurring. Secondly, Dacin was not wearing a helmet when catapulted from the ATV, which significantly increased the head traumas she sustained upon landing. According to police, they intend on giving the case to the Oakland County Prosecutor, who will decide whether to proceed with criminal charges against Lawrence.

Despite the fun and carefree nature of recreational activities, the tragic death of Aura Dacin serves as a perfect example attesting to the necessity of both sober driving and wearing protective safety gear. Driving any vehicle intoxicated makes it increasingly difficult to pay attention to one’s surroundings and react to emergency situations–perhaps, if was Dacin sober, she may have corrected herself properly and not flown off. Secondly, it is essential to wear protective safety equipment at all times when participating in activities that could cause personal injury. Doing so will considerably lessen the blows and impacts of crashes and collisions caused by recreational accidents. If injured however, the most important thing to do is contact a hard-working and dedicated Detroit recreational accident lawyer immediately. Acting fast will not only provide the best legal advice and legal representation, but also help ensure a successful outcome for your personal injury claim.