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Were You Injured In A Car Crash?

Attorney Jon Abrahams can help

Travel by car is a huge part of life in the Detroit area and throughout Michigan, something most people see as routine. That's why a car accident can be so frightening. In an instant, you may have sustained serious, life-changing injuries thanks to someone else's reckless driving.

The crash itself may have been over fast, but the consequences last a long time. You may not be able to work during your recovery. Medical bills start to pile up. Depending on your injuries, you may have chronic pain or be permanently disabled. And every crash is unique - your recovery may take a long or short time, depending on your injuries, your health and your circumstances.

Unfortunately, insurance companies tend to see injured people the same way they see cars. They think a certain amount of damage should equal a certain cost - a low cost that limits their own expenses - instead of treating victims as people in need of help. And if you ask for an amount that covers the true cost of your accident, they'll fight back.

That's why you need an experienced car accident attorney on your side. That's why you need Abrahams Law.

How did your accident happen? 

It's tempting to just take the insurance company's offer right after a crash - after all, you just want to wrap up the case and focus on your recovery. But doing so can be a huge mistake. Often, the full cost of your accident doesn't become known until weeks or months later. You may need long-term medical treatment or have to make significant lifestyle changes due to a disability.

With attorney Jon Abrahams on your side, you can fight to be made whole again. Abrahams Law will work with you to get the best possible medical care and bring in experts to help understand the full cost of the accident. Attorney Abrahams will personally negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf to reach a settlement that includes your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, emotional distress and any other costs related to the crash. He has extensive experience handling all types of collisions, including those involving cyclists, pedestrians and other vulnerable people on the road.

Above all, when you retain Abrahams Law, you'll have someone who is on your side every step of the way. You will have direct access to your attorney - not an associate, secretary or paralegal - 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Jon Abrahams will send you regular updates on your case and respond to all calls and messages immediately. When you need to speak with your attorney, you can speak with your attorney - the person you've built a relationship with. The one person who is handling every aspect of your case.

We know your case is about much more than money - in fact, that's probably the furthest thing from your mind. Abrahams Law will help you build a team to take care of your treatment and your claim so that you can focus on what matters most: your recovery.

If you've been injured in a car crash, contact attorney Abrahams today. Call (248) 538-2900 for your free consultation.

I was in a high-speed collision on the highway

Speed is a factor in many crashes because drivers have less time to react to changing circumstances. Unfortunately, high-speed collisions also cause serious injuries and fatalities because of the amount of force involved. You may have been seriously hurt by a driver who thought speed was more important than safety.

Breaking the speed limit is a form of negligence that could cause the other driver to be held liable for your crash. However, we'll need to prove it. Abrahams Law will interview witnesses and review police report for evidence that shows the driver who hit you was speeding. We may also retain an expert on vehicle damage or accident reconstruction to find physical evidence showing that your crash happened at a high speed.

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A drunk driver hit me

Despite the well-publicized dangers of drinking and driving, many motorists still choose to get behind the wheel while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Drunk drivers cause many crashes in the Detroit area, including devastating head-on collisions. All too often, it's a responsible motorist who gets injured due to a drunk driver's negligence.

You may think that if the driver who hit you was arrested for DUI, your claim will be easy to handle. Don't be so sure. The police don't work for you - their job is to prosecute offenders, not to take care of victims. That's why you need an attorney on your side to review the accident report, interview witnesses and take legal action. Depending on the circumstances, you may have a "dram shop" case against the supplier of alcohol in addition to your case against the drunk driver. 

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Someone rear-ended my car while texting and driving

Distracted driving is an increasingly common cause of accidents, and many of those crashes are caused by texting or talking on a cell phone behind the wheel. However, other types of distractions can be just as dangerous. Motorists cause collisions while talking to passengers, adjusting the radio, eating and even grooming while driving.

Establishing fault in a rear-end collision usually isn't difficult, as the driver in the rear vehicle is presumed to be at fault - but that doesn't mean these cases are easy. The insurance company may argue that because the crash happened at a low speed, you couldn't have possibly been injured. The truth is that even low-speed crashes can cause serious injuries, including traumatic brain injuries. That's why you need an experienced attorney on your side.

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A driver who fell asleep at the wheel caused my accident

With people in the Detroit area working longer hours than ever, it may seem understandable that so many of them get behind the wheel while very tired. The truth, though, is that drowsy driving is just as dangerous as drunk driving - and it's just as preventable. Tired drivers have a choice to pull over and rest on a side street or stop for an energy drink instead of continuing to drive and put others at risk.

Our investigation of these crashes starts with the scene. A sleeping driver generally won't hit the brakes before impact, which means there won't be any skid marks. We may retain an accident reconstruction expert to help show that the driver who hit you must have been asleep. We'll also interview witnesses who may be able to testify that the driver was, in fact, very tired when he or she got on the road.

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My accident involved an uninsured or underinsured driver

Under Michigan law, all motorists are required to have insurance, but some decide to break the law and drive without it. Uninsured drivers put everyone else on the road at risk. Or your crash may have involved an underinsured motorist - that is, a driver who had insurance, but not enough to pay for the full cost of the accident.

While your own insurance is required to cover your medical bills and certain other damages regardless of fault, your ability to recover for pain and suffering, excess wage loss and many other damages is limited by the other driver's insurance coverage. If they don't have insurance, or don't have enough, you may be able to pursue damages from your own insurance company through your uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage. You may also be able to pursue a claim against a third party who was involved or directly from the other driver's assets. These cases can be exceptionally complicated, and attorney Jon Abrahams can help.

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