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Auto Insurance Adjuster Interview: What To Expect

When an individual sustains injury or suffers loss in a car accident as a result of another person's carelessness, reckless behavior or negligent driving conduct of any kind, he or she may have the right to file a lawsuit or claim to recover compensation for damages. To initiate the claim process you will need to contact your insurance company and notify them of the accident. You will then be interviewed by an auto insurance adjuster. While this interview is not an interrogation, it is being done to gather all pertinent information and facts surrounding the accident, so anything you may say during the interview will have a direct impact on the outcome of your claim.

The majority of auto insurance adjuster interviews will be done over the phone. There are certain instances when an adjuster may require you to come to the insurance company's offices so he or she can conduct the interview in person. The adjuster may ask you if you are willing to give your permission to have the interview recovered. If you do not want to have the interview recorded, you are under no legal obligation to do so. Simply inform the adjuster of your wishes. Being adequately prepared for your interview will go a long way towards maximizing your claim and getting you the compensation you rightfully deserve. If there are any questions you are unable to answer or are unsure of how to answer, be honest and let the adjuster know. Here are some of the questions you can expect will be asked in this type of interview:

  • Where exactly did the accident take place? Was it in an intersection? At a red light?
  • Which direction were you heading at the time of the accident?
  • What caused the accident? How did it occur?
  • What did you see, hear and observe? Did you notice anything peculiar or out of place either just before the accident or after the accident took place?
  • How many vehicles were involved? What information can you provide about the involved vehicles and drivers?
  • Were you injured? Was anyone else hurt? What is the extent of their injuries? Can you provide contact information for them?
  • Did you or any other injured party require immediate medical attention from paramedics? Was anyone transported to a local hospital for care? Do you know where each of the injured parties were taken?
  • Were there any witnesses to the accident? What are their names and how can they be reached?
  • Were police called to the scene of the accident to take a report? What is the case number or the name and badge number of the officer who responded to the accident?
  • Did your vehicle have to be towed after the accident or were you able to drive it to a repair shop?

At this point you will probably be asked to provide copies of all receipts, bills and paperwork you have received in relation to the accident. All of the information you provide, along with the information provided by the other party, will be used to estimate the value of your claim. The car accident attorney you hire to help you with your car accident claim will greatly affect the final outcome of your case. If you want to maximize your claim and increase your chances of recovering a settlement proportionate to the injuries and loss you sustained, call my firm at once. I, Jon Abrahams, am a Farmington Hills car accident attorney with a long track record for being able to recover substantial settlements for my clients. Over the past 20 years have I recovered millions of dollars in settlements for car accident victims and their families. I look forward to provide you with the same level of dedication and commitment.