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Were You Involved in a Jackknife Truck Accident?

There are many causes of truck accidents, each ranging in degrees of severity and catastrophe. Among the top causes of truck accidents include braking problems that causes an 18-wheeler truck to jackknife. In these specific types of accidents, the resulting injuries in a jackknifing truck accident could be life-threatening or even fatal.

The term "jackknifing" refers to when a truck's trailer becomes locked in a forward position, creating a 90 degree angle with the truck's tractor. When the truck skids, locks, or loses directional control, the driver will then have no control over the vehicle. Jackknifing accidents often result in vehicle roll-overs or even head-on collisions and rear-end crashes due to the truck's inability to stop or swerve.

Common Causes of a Jackknifing Accident

Truck drivers are held accountable by federal, state, and local laws to operate their commercial vehicles to the highest degree of safety. Though some jackknifing accidents can occur due to driver negligence or irresponsibility, other jackknifing accidents can be a result of poor product manufacturing or product failure. Other causes of jackknifing accidents can include:

  • Sudden braking at high speeds, leading to skidding
  • Downshifting improperly
  • Entering a turn too quickly or too sharply
  • Locked trailer axles, axle brakes, or driving axles
  • Poor road conditions, including slick roads or low friction surfaces due to weather

Any type of truck accident can be disastrous, but the results of a jackknifing accident often prove to be fatal. Oftentimes, jackknifing accidents can cause multiple car pileups, which may result in multiple injuries and fatalities to drivers and passengers alike. The physical, emotional, and psychological damages left in the wake of a serious jackknifing accident could be devastating.

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If you or someone you love has been involved in a serious truck accident caused by jackknifing, come to Abrahams Law immediately. I, Attorney Jon Abrahams, have helped innocently injured victims in the Farmington Hills area seek the financial compensation and support that was needed to recover from a serious accident.

As a skilled and experienced Farmington Hills car accident attorney, I know how to maximize your claim and hold any liable parties accountable for their actions. In fact, I have helped former clients and their families recover million-dollar settlements – as well as justice that is worth its weight in priceless gold.

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