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Nissan Recalls Altima Sedans for Tire Problems

When you are driving a car, you want to rest assured you are safe in the vehicle. That is why car manufacturers put their vehicles through so many tests before letting them out on the road. Unfortunately, there are times that some car companies don't detect all the dangers within their product until it has been sold to the public.

This is the case with about 123,000 new Nissan Altima sedans that are at risk to a tire blowout. Interestingly enough, it's not the tires on the vehicle that may explode. The Los Angeles Times writes that the spare tire locked away in the trunk of these cars may explode while the vehicle is en route.

The recall involves all 2013 model year Altimas that were produced for a year from March 26th of 2012 to this past March 26th. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that Maxxis, Nissan's tire supplier, had a fault inflation gauge on an air pump at the factory. This caused an over inflation and under inflation of many of the spare tires. Those that were over-inflated can burst while still in the trunk of the car, while those that are under inflated may be dangerous to drive on.

There have been reports of the spare tires exploding while in the trunk of the car when the heat in the trunk rose. This would increase the already over-inflated air pressure in the tire beyond what it could handle. The owner of one of the vehicles that experienced this terrifying explosion brought his car back to the Nissan dealer, and this was when the problem was discovered. Nissan says the malfunctioning pressure regulators and pressure gauges at a Canton, Mississippi tire plant are to blame for the issue.

The equipment was repaired on March 26th of this year. So far, Nissan has not received any reports of accidents or injuries that occurred in connection with the problem. Nissan is asking the owners of these vehicles to take them back to the dealership so the spare tires can be inspected. The Nissan workers will then inflate the tire properly so it will ensure maximum safety. All damaged spare tires will be replaced free of charge.

Vehicle mistakes like this one are serious, and can facilitate accidents. For example, if the tire burst in the trunk of your car, you may swerve or panic because of the loud noise and cause an accident. If the tire was placed on the car, then it may burst while in use and cause the car to spin out. If you have been injured in a car accident due to a product incident, then talk to a Detroit car accident lawyer at Abraham's Law today!