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NHTSA Releases New Guidelines to Discourage Distracted Driving

Distracted driving has now become one of the leading causes of car accidents. Reports indicate that some of the most common driver distractions occur when a driver holds an object in their hand (such as a phone, a cup, a sandwich or any other object), when they talk or text on a cell phone (even if it is done using a hands-free feature), when they attempt to eat or drink while driving, when they smoke, when they adjust the radio or use the GPS, when they try and perform personal hygiene activities, or when they become distracted by other passengers. Any time an individual takes their eyes off the road, they are putting themselves and others in danger.

One of the most recent forms of driver distraction has come in the form of in-car devices which allow drivers to perform internet searches, view web content, watch videos, display text messages, and do other similar activities, all while driving. In an effort to limit further development of these types of devices, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recently released new, voluntary guidelines they hope will discourage automakers from installing these types of devices in future vehicles. The new guidelines will take effect in three years. The NHTSA reports additional guidelines will be released, at a later date, to address cell phone manufacturers.

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