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About the Chrysler Recall

Recently, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration discovered that some of Chrysler's Jeep Grand Cherokees and Jeep Libertys were not safe, due to the way that the fuel tank was set behind the rear axle. The car company disagreed with the NHTSA's observations, and originally said that they would not issue a recall with the cars.

Originally, the NHTSA wanted the car company to recall about 2.7 million vehicles. All were older models of Jeep Grand Cherokees and Jeep Libertys that had the previous design with the fuel tank. According to reports, when drivers were hit from behind in these vehicles, the impact could cause the fuel tank to burst, causing a serious fire and putting drivers at risk to grave injury or death.

Chrysler fought against the recall for two weeks when the Department of Transportation got involved in the issue and worked alongside them. Eventually, the government agreed to slash the number of recalled cars almost in half. Now, the Chrysler Company only needs to recall 1.56 million of the 1993 through 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokees and the 2002 through 2007 Jeep Liberty SUVs.

The recall excludes another 1.4 million cars that were a part of the original recall. Chrysler announced on June 6th that the government was wrong about its analysis and that they would not recall the cars that had been deemed dangerous. The NHTSA set a deadline for this past Tuesday waiting for a formal response.

Chrysler says that they will perform a customer service action on all recalled vehicles and that they are willing to add a trailer hitch to any vehicles that have the danger of a rear collision disaster. Only Jeeps that have been officially recalled can expect to get complimentary trailer hitches installed.

The NHTSA is still investigating the issue and learning why the poorly manufactured cars were even created. If you were injured due to the Chrysler manufacturing errors, and your car burst into flames after impact, then you may be able to take your lawsuit up against the Chrysler Company. Hire a Detroit car accident attorney today if you want more information!