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MI Bus Accident - Fatal Michigan Party Bus Accident Claims Life of Davison Man

Celebratory events such as birthdays or holidays are among the most exciting of gatherings. Besides getting friends and family together, parties give everyone in attendance a chance to kick back and relax. However, as alcohol is usually on the guest list, party participants are easily prompted to make dangerous choices, such as driving while intoxicated. One does not need to be a top personal injury lawyer to know that drinking and driving is dangerous. Nonetheless, the combination of alcohol and lack of public transportation in Michigan makes driving after drinking a justifiable decision to someone under the influence.

To avoid the “buzz kill” of drinking and driving (and its associated consequences) many people are using limousine or party-bus services to get around safely. While riding with a sober driver is always the best choice, accidents can still happen even when the utmost precautions are taken. A sobering reminder of this fact is the recent death of a Davison man who died from injuries sustained after he and another man fell from a moving party bus.

Celebrating a friend’s birthday, Michigan residents Sean Chapin, 26, and Jason Rodgers, 30, were among the 23 passengers aboard the County Club Limousine party bus. According to witnesses on the scene, Chapin and Rodgers were thrown from the vehicle after accidentally opening the emergency door. Both men had been drinking and were reportedly “chest bumping” before falling out. Passengers immediately notified the bus driver, who pulled over and called emergency services.

In the fall, both men sustained significant injury and received medical attention from Genesys Regional Medical Center in Grand Blanc. While Rodgers was admitted in good condition, Chapin was not as lucky. The injuries he sustained in the fall were too great, and Chapin died Monday afternoon.

Although investigators did not see any defects on the emergency exit, Trooper Robert Mossing noted how easy it is to open. “All you have to do it push that thing in, and the door pops open,” he explained. For more answers, Mossing and other investigators will take a close look at the inspection records on the vehicle from the Michigan Department of Transportation. According to law, party busses are required to be inspected at least once a year by state officials. As this is the second fatal Detroit party bus accident in recent months however, it is possible that the rules could change in order to preserve passenger safety.

As a dedicated Michigan injury lawyer, stories such as these are particularly disheartening. Even though no one was driving while intoxicated, an alcohol-related accident still occurred, causing significant injury and death. It is important that when drinking, one monitors both their alcohol consumption and environment–this is the best way to avoid serious accidents from occurring. If disaster does strike however, it is essential to seek help for your injuries. Contacting a skilled Michigan injury attorney will not only provide the best legal advice and explanation, but also superior legal representation for your personal injury claim.