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MI Medical Malpractice - Michigan Woman Receives $3M Settlement For Brain Injury Due to Medical Error

Anytime one is feeling ill or sustains serious injury, it is common to seek the assistance of a medical practitioner. When in physical peril, patients trust doctors and their assistants to make an accurate diagnosis and act on it appropriately. However, if a physician fails to treat properly a medical problem, the existing condition can be further complicated, and new issues can develop causing significant personal injury or death. As an experienced Michigan injury lawyer, this is a tragic case that is seen all too often. Such an example is seen in the massive medical malpractice settlement of a Michigan woman, who sustained traumatic brain injury before undergoing surgery due to the negligence of the anesthesia assistant.

This medical malpractice case began when an unidentified 49 year-old Michigan woman decided to undergo a low-anterior colon resection. However, the woman maintains that the anesthesia assistant gave her an unapproved epidural and induction medications that ultimately dropped her blood pressure and caused cardiopulmonary arrest. However, neither the anesthesiologist nor the assistant was present to treat appropriately this urgent issue. In fact, despite the severity of her condition, the anesthesia assistant attempted to treat the woman alone, waiting ten minutes before calling the anesthesiologist.

Although she was completely resuscitated, the cardiopulmonary arrest caused “significant hypoxic injury” to her brain, ultimately leaving her with permanent disabilities. Though both anesthesia providers deny any wrongdoing, because the patient will require “long-term care as a result of her injuries,” the hospital agreed to pay over $3 million in settlement.

Originally, the epidural was placed in the PACU to manage post-operation pain control, and was tested approximately one hour before surgery. The assistant claimed that it was appropriate for him to test the patient to figure out whether the epidural was dislodged, however the anesthesiologist never approved the second epidural. Even though the anesthesiologist did not approve the assistant’s action, the plaintiff maintained that he was also responsible for the patient’s anesthesia care and should have known what was going on.

As seen by the extensive injuries sustained by this Michigan woman, medical malpractice can change the lives of patients forever. Doctors and their associates are the ones trusted to provide the best care for patients–breaking that trust can cause significant personal injury or even death. If you or a loved one has been injured because of a doctor or physician’s negligence, it is important to proactively seek the best legal assistance available. Contacting an experienced and skilled Michigan injury attorney is the first step to ensuring that you receive the compensation you deserve for your injuries. Using superior legal advice and legal representation, a medical malpractice lawyer will be able to provide the best outcome for your personal injury claim.