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MI Train Accident - Detroit Train Crash With Semi Leaves Four Injured

While operating any motor vehicle near train tracks, it is essential to pay attention to one’s surroundings, including traffic signals altering drivers that a train is coming. This is particularly true if the vehicle crossing the track is particularly large, such as a 18-wheeler, as it takes longer for the entire car to cross safely. Any experienced Detroit personal injury lawyer almost certainly has witnessed many train crashes that resulted in significant personal injury or death. In 2009 alone, there were 48 Michigan railway crossing accidents, including 12 fatalities.

Unfortunately, many of these incidents stem from driver error or malfunctioning traffic signals. However, discovering the true cause of a train accident can be quite difficult, as seen in the recent case of a Detroit 18-wheeler that was struck by a train as it crossed the tracks, causing personal injury to four.

Last week, Alco Transportation employee Asqari Veizag, 59, was driving en route to Lansing transporting steel coils in the early morning hours. His trip was cut short however, as when he crossed the train tracks on Mellon, a Norfolk Southern Railway train slammed into the side of Veizag’s 18-wheeler. As a result of the Michigan train accident, four people sustained personal injury and were transported to a local hospital. The train’s conductor, his assistant, and an engineer all sustained numerous contusions, as well as extreme back pain. Veizag, on the other hand, sustained an unspecified injury to his forehead.

Although the cause of the crash is currently under investigation, both parties have different stories regarding the situation. Veizag allegedly insisted that he did not see any traffic signals alerting motorists to the train when he began to cross the tracks. However, spokespeople for Norfolk Southern state that warning signs were not only evident, but in working order at the time of the collision.

The gruesome Michigan train-truck accident described above only reinforces the importance of safety around train tracks. Not only is it important for warning signals to be present and functioning, it is also imperative that the motorist pays attention to their surroundings at all times. Failure to do so will result in devastating crashes, causing significant personal injury to drivers and passengers alike. Because of the massive nature of such an experience, a victim and their family will undoubtedly have many questions regarding their options. For answers, as well as sound legal advice, it is essential to contact a hard-working and aggressive Detroit train accident lawyer. Not hesitating to do so will not only ensure the superior legal representation, but the most positive outcome possible for your personal injury claim.