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Safety Matters - UMich Study Reveals Parents Have Vaccine Concerns

The legal career of an experienced and dedicated Detroit personal injury lawyer is largely connected with a desire to help all people stay safe and healthy, especially during the winter season. Although vaccines are promoted by physicians to prevent diseases, a new study conducted by the University of Michigan shows that many parents are very apprehensive to administer vaccines to their children, even if the disease could be potentially fatal.

According to the study, approximately twelve percent of parents have refused to allow their child to receive at least one vaccination that was recommended by a doctor or pediatrician. Most often, parents cited a distrust for the vaccination itself as the main reason why they hesitated to give it to their child. The study’s data looked at responses from over 1,500 parents concerning their attitudes towards vaccinations. Of this number, fifty-three percent were concerned that their child would sustain personal injury as a result of the medicine’s side effects. The study also revealed that the most commonly avoided vaccinations are the newer ones. Over thirty-two percent of parents interviewed refused to allow their children to be administered the chickenpox vaccine. In addition, almost fifty-seven percent were against giving their child the HPV vaccine, which is recommended for females in efforts to avoid developing cervical cancer.

Generally, doctors and physicians are not surprised with the results. Before vaccines were available, personal injury and fatality rates from disease were relatively high. When vaccinations became available, many people made it a point to receive a dose because they knew first-hand the potential consequences of being inflicted with a serious disease. As a result, the fatality rate from preventable diseases dramatically decreased. However, as vaccinations have become more common, the parents of this generation do not seem to be as concerned with illnesses that have become more easily treatable.

Regardless, medical experts agree that the most important thing is to analyze which vaccinations are the most important for children to receive, and push American parents to obtain a dose for their child. As medications are becoming more readily available, it is more important that they receive the rightvaccinations as opposed to every vaccination. As a safety-minded Detroit personal injury attorney, clients with children are always encouraged to ask their doctor or physician any and all questions they may have regarding a medication before administering it to their child. Doing so can help ease any fears or concerns regarding the vaccination, allowing parents to be comfortable with their decision.

Although it is good to question the side effects and ingredients of a new medication, it is also important for parents to make sure that their children are protected from illnesses that easily float around, especially during the winter months. Doing so can best protect your family against suffering from personal injury or disease.